Tendou Souji

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Portrayed by: Mizushima Hiro
21 years old


  • The main character of Kamen Rider Kabuto. Based on his name, he declares himself the greatest man in the world. While he looks down on others, he saves the weak and has a strong sense of justice. The promotional posters for Kabuto had Kabuto on the cover with the catchphrase "I am justice" on the bottom.
  • His only family is a little sister, Tendou Juka. Both of them were raised by their grandmother when their parents died. It turns out that they don't share the same parents. Apparently his grandmother left a great impression on Tendou, as he often quotes her sayings as well as practicing her teachings.


  • Tendou says many "Grandmother said this..." quotes throughout the Kabuto series.
  • Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything. Ten no michi wo iki, subete wo tsukasadoru otoko

Name meaning

天道 Tendou

Has several related to its kanji "ten/heaven" and "dou/path". From jisho.org:
  1. the sun;
  2. god of heaven and the earth;
  3. laws governing the heavens;
  4. celestial path; celestial motion;
  5. (Buddhist term) deva realm (svarga)

総 Sou / Everything
司 Ji / To rule, To admin
When Tendou says his catchphrase, he will often point one finger up at the sky or towards the sun.

Kamen Rider Kabuto

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Masked Form


First appearance: Ep 01
Height: 190cm
Weight: 132kg
Punch force: 8t
Kick force: 10t
Jump force: In one bound can travel 20m
Running power: 100m in 8.9s
  • Kabuto's Masked Form is mostly silverish gray with some red colors. The blue eye piece can be seen underneath. The base suit underneath is black.
  • When first transforming, this is the form that most Riders in this series start off with. This form is bulky, but heavily armored.
  • An additional way to go into this form is to use the Put On (プットオン) ability while in Rider form.
  • In this form he mainly uses the Kabuto KunaiGun in Gun Mode and Axe Mode.

Rider Form


First appearance: Ep 02
Height: 195cm
Weight: 95kg
Punch force: 3t
Kick force: 7t
Jump force: In one bound can travel 37m
Running power: 100m in 5.8s
  • When a Rider uses Cast Off (キャストオフ) in Masked Form, the armor pieces fly off. During this process, the Zecter will say Cast Off! Change Beetle! The pieces flying off can be used to surprise and hurt enemies. After the pieces are off, Kabuto's horn will rise and fit on top of the blue eye piece.
  • Kabuto's armor pieces are mostly red on top of a black base suit. With the horn up, his blue eye section looks bisected (while it appears to be one circle in Masked Form).
  • The main advantage of the Rider Form is to use the Clock Up (クロックアップ) feature. This ability lets Kabuto temporarily move at extreme speeds to match Worm and enemy Riders.
  • In this form he mainly uses his Kabuto KunaiGun in Kunai Mode.

Hyper Form


First appearance: Movie
Height: 198cm
Weight: 102kg
Punch force: 10t
Kick force: 15t
Jump force: In one bound can travel 50m
Running power: 100m in 4.2s
  • Using the Hyper Zecter, Tendou Souji is able to access Kabuto's Hyper Form. Tendou attaches the Hyper Zecter on the left side of his Rider Belt. He cranks the Hyper Zecter's horn and the device says Hyper Cast Off changing him into his Hyper Form.
  • In Hyper Form, Kabuto becomes bulkier, his horn bigger, his eyes lighter blue, and bug wings of energy.
  • This form has the ability to perform a Hyper Clock Up (ハイパークロックアップ). The Hyper Zecter can travel through time, giving this ability to its user in limited quality.


Rider Belt (ライダーベルト): Tendou mysteriously has his own Rider belt at the beginning of the series, which he uses to take the Kabuto Zecter from Kagami.
Kabuto Zecter (カブトゼクター): The centerpiece of the Masked Rider System project. When the Kabuto Zecter is attached to the Rider Belt, the transformation initiates.
Kabuto KunaiGun (カブトクナイガン): Kabuto's main weapon. It has three modes: Gun Mode (ガンモード), Axe Mode (アックスモード), and Kunai Mode (クナイモード). The Kunai Mode can be used only when Kabuto is in Rider Form.
Zectmeizer (ゼクトマイザー)
Hyper Zecter (ハイパーゼクター): Transforms Kabuto into Hyper Form.
Perfect Zecter (パーフェクトゼクター): Hyper Kabuto's killer weapon. Has a sword mode and a gun mode. Can be powered up with other Rider's Zecters. When TheBee, Drake, and Sasword Zecters are attached, the device says All Zecter Combine and goes into Perfect Mode (パーフェクトモード).


Rider Kick (ライダーキック)
When Kabuto presses the buttons on top of the Kabuto Zecter, it fills his leg with energy. The device says One, two, three, Rider Kick. Then Tendou does a roundhouse kick that destroys his enemy. Has a destructive power of 19t.
Extender Rider Kick (エクステンダーキック)
A flying kick done off the Kabuto Extender when in Ex Mode. It has a destructive power of 19t.
Hyper Rider Kick (ハイパーライダーキック)
When the Hyper Zecter's horn is cranked, the device says Maximum Rider Power and fills Hyper Kabuto with energy, allowing him to do his most destructive kick attack. 30 t of damage.
Hyper Blade (ハイパーブレイド)
Perfect Zecter's finisher in sword mode.
Hyper Sting (ハイパースティング)
Perfect Zecter Sword Mode's finisher using TheBee Zecter.
Hyper Axe (ハイパーアックス)
Perfect Zecter Sword Mode's finisher using Drake Zecter. Never used on the show.
Hyper Slash (ハイパースラッシュ)
Perfect Zecter Sword Mode's finisher using Sasword Zecter.
Maximum Hyper Typhoon (マキシマムハイパータイフーン)
Perfect Zecter Sword Mode's finisher when in Perfect Mode.
Hyper Cannon (ハイパーキャノン)
Perfect Zecter Gun Mode's finisher. Never used.
Hyper Laser (ハイパーレーザー)
Perfect Zecter Gun Mode's finisher using TheBee Zecter. Never used.
Hyper Shooting (ハイパーシューティング)
Perfect Zecter Gun Mode's finisher using Drake Zecter.
Hyper Wave (ハイパーウェイブ)
Perfect Zecter Gun Mode's finisher using Sasword Zecter. Never used.
Maximum Hyper Cyclone (マキシマムハイパーサイクロン)
Perfect Zecter Gun Mode's finisher when in Perfect Mode.

Joint Attacks

Triple Rider Kick (トリプルライダーキック)
An attack done with Gatack and Kick Hopper. 58t of damage.
Double Rider Kick (ダブルライダーキック)
A joint attack between Hyper Kabuto and Gatack. 49t of damage.


Kabuto Extender (カブトエクステンダー)
Width - 700mm
Height - 1170mm
Capacity - 2 people
Based on a Honda CBR1000RR
Masked Mode (マスクドモード)
Length - 2020mm
Top speed - 410km/h
Ex Mode (エクスモード)
Length - 3090mm
Top speed - 900km/h(When in normal time)