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Welcome to the TV-Nihon Wiki. Our goal is to provide an information source for everything related to the shows that we sub. Whether it's anime, tokusatsu, or jdorama.

If you know what you're talking about, feel free to contribute! Just hit that edit button!

Types of Shows that We've Subbed:
Gaim Kyouryuuger and Toqger Machine Robo Rescue Sailor Moon Menu based on title screens

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About #TV-Nihon

In existence since October 22, 2002.

Rules when working on the wiki

  1. Japanese names will be written family name first then given name. For non-Asian names, write it out the normal way. Basic rule of thumb: Write it out the way it's said in the show.
  2. Please use good English when writing. You should probably spell check your work.
  3. Let's try to keep spoilers relatively broad to non-existent for generic pages. Major spoilers probably should be kept on real detailed articles like about characters or actual episode.
  4. Let's try to keep spoilers more or less along the lines of what #TV-Nihon has released so far. Next episode information is probably okay.
  5. Accounts that don't contribute within a day are deleted to keep the number of dead accounts down.

Pages related to our shows

Working on the wiki

Stuff to add: Lyric scans, episode transcriptions, trivia, actor info, everything

Other stuff we need:

  • Intro to #TV-Nihon page. Maybe something similar to this [1]
  • Page explaining honorifics and other terms used in the shows
  • Maybe a download guide?
  • Maybe a playback guide?

Resources: Tokusatsu Information Resource