Shindai Ryouga

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Portrayed by: Shonozaki Ken

A character in Kamen Rider Saber.

Shindai Ryouga is a swordsman of the Sword of Logos from the Southern Base.

Ryouga is the older brother of Shindai Reika.

As the Swordsman of Time, Ryouga uses the Time Zone Blade Kaiji to transform into Kamen Rider Durendal.

Kamen Rider Durendal


Stunt actor: Imai Yasuhiko

Transforms with Wonder Ride Books attached to Kaiji before reconnecting the sword's blade and handle.
Also known as the Swordsman of Time, Durendal is the primary wielder of the Time Zone Blade Kaiji.
Durendal is based on an orca. His element is Kaiji (界時) or world time.

Ocean History


KR Durendal Ocean History stand.png Ocean History Book.png

Kaiji Rotation. Time is, time is, time-time-time is me. Ocean History! Ocean Splash! Splash!
First appearance: Ep 29

Height 215.9cm Weight 127.2kg
Punch power 58.9t Kick power 99.6t
Jump power 102.3m 100m Dash 1.5s

Attaches the Ocean History Wonder Ride Book to the Time Zone Blade Kaiji to transform.
Because of the blade's long shape, Durendal primarily wields Kaiji as a trident.
Activating Kaiji's Kaiji Erasure and Restore Kaiji functions can shift himself and/or target to another area or position.

  • Durendal's default form.
  • Motif: Orca / Time
  • Finisher(s) via Kaiji:

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