Kamen Rider Chalice

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Kamen Rider Chalice (仮面ライダーカリス) is the third rider from the series Kamen Rider Blade. His powers come from the heart suit.

Aikawa Hajime transforms into Chalice.


Base Form

Chalice's main element is wind. His weapon is a bow called the Chalice Arrow.
He has a giant heart for eyes, which gives him bug vision. Antennae protrude from his mask. His suit is mostly black with a large heart chestplate and some shin and arm guards.

Wild Chalice

Using the power of his Wild Card, Chalice can use the combined power of the entire heart suit to become this form.


Chalice Arrow

A bow that fires wind arrows at his enemies. Unlike the other Riders, Chalice's Rouser is attached to his belt. To power up his weapon, Chalice detaches his Rouser and attaches it to the Chalice Arrow.

Chalice Slasher

In Wild Mode, Chalice has two blade weapons, reminiscent of a mantis' claws. Chalice can combine them and attach them to Chalice Arrow to form a powerful projectile weapon.