Daishinji Tetsuo

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Portrayed by: Oka Hiroaki

Daishinji Tetsuo is the Swordsman of Sound of the Sword of Logos. He also operates as the organization's mechanic, maintaining the durability of the Holy Blades and crafting Wonder Ride Books for his fellow swordsmen.

A close friend of Ogami Ryou for 15 years since they first joined the Sword of Logos.

Has a sharp sense of hearing that makes him advantageous in battles. Carries the Bayonet Blade Suzune.

Introverted for the most part, yet, Daishinji is knowledgeable on stories and lore behind the Holy Blades. His grandfather was also a mechanic who repaired the Holy Blades when Daishinji was a child.

Using Suzune, Daishinji transforms into the Kamen Rider Slash, one of the many swordsman Riders in Kamen Rider Saber.

Kamen Rider Slash


Suit actor: Mori Hirotsugu

Known as the Swordsman of Sound, Slash is the primary wielder of the Bayonet Blade Suzune.
Transforms with Wonder Ride Books attached to Suzune before pulling the blade's trigger.
Slash is based on a knight and the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel. Has an elegant style of combat.
Slash's element is Suzune (錫音) or tin sound. His sharp hearing allows him to detect enemy movement.

Hanselnuts to Gretel


KR Slash Hanselnuts to Gretel stand.png Hanselnuts to Gretel Book.png

Suzune Movement. The sweet charming bayonet uses a confectious rhythm to tear through the beat.
First appearance: Ep 09

Height 201.2cm Weight 107.7kg
Punch power 10.7t Kick power 20.6t
Jump power 15.9m 100m Dash 5.1s
Hanselnuts to Gretel
Attached to the Bayonet Blade Suzune.
Motif: Hansel and Gretel/Gingerbread house. Element: Suzune.
Alternates between Suzune's gun and blade modes depending on attack range.
  • Slash's default form..
  • Finisher(s) via Suzune:
  • Snack On The Chopper - Suzune radiates with energy before striking the enemy with a single hit.
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Hansel Bremen


KR Slash Hansel Bremen stand.png Bremen No Rock Band Book.png

First appearance: Ep 09

Height 201.2cm Weight 113.5kg
Punch power 13.5t Kick power 23.4t
Jump power 21.8m 100m Dash 4.2s
Bremen no Rock Band
Attached to the Bayonet Blade Suzune.
Motif: Town Musicians of Bremen. Element: Suzune
Slash's personality turns energetic and his voice is high-pitched.
Due to his personality change, Slash makes rapid use of Suzune's gun mode.
  • Finisher(s) via Suzune:
  • Guns and Music (ガンズ・アンド・ミュージック) - Circles around enemies and rapidly shoots them.
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Hansel Butasan


KR Slash Hansel Butasan stand.png Kobuta 3 Kyoudai Book.png

First appearance: Ep 14

Height 201.2cm Weight 115.0kg
Punch power 11.6t Kick power 23.2t
Jump power 17.5m 100m Dash 4.9s
Kobuta 3 Kyodai
Attached to the Bayonet Blade Suzune.
Motif: Three Little Pigs. Element: Hayate.
Splits into 3 clones of himself to trick the enemy.
Armed with the Steppigwise shield (based on the houses in the story).
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