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Portrayed by: Asakura Yui


Queen Bee Deadman Phase 3

クイーンビー・デッドマン フェーズ3
Queen Bee Deadman Phase 3.png Queen Bee Proto Vistamp.png

User: Aguillera
Vistamp: Queen Bee Proto Vistamp (クイーンビープロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 193.5cm
Weight: 82.1kg
Characteristics/Power: Leadership/Poison stinger/Flight (統率力/毒針/飛行)

Kamen Rider Aguilera


Stunt actress: Hayashimoto Nana

Queen Bee Genome


KR Aguilera Queen Bee Genome stand.png Queen Bee Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 36

Height 198.7cm Weight 63.1kg
Punch power 27.8t Kick power 31.8t
Jump power 26.7m 100m Dash 3.3s

Based on a Queen bee.
Queen Bee Genome is the default form of Kamen Rider Aguilera.
Accessed by inserting the Queen Bee Vistamp into the Week Endriver.
Aguilera is equipped with the Needle Kunai, dual kunai that are used as projectiles and to pierce opponents.
Shoots projections of swarming bees at opponents.
Demonstrates versatility in battle with her reflexes. Can perform swift attacks from above and below.
Freezes enemies in battle by activating the Week Endriver's Stamping Destroy function.
Aguilera's Rider Kick is called Stamping Break.

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