Kamen Rider Duke

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An Armored Rider on the show Kamen Rider Gaim.

User - Sengoku Ryouma
Affiliation - Yggdrasill Corporation
Rider Style -
First appearance - Kamen Rider Gaim 14

Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms

Duke Lemon Energy Arms.jpg
Lemon Energy Arms! (レモンエナジーアームズ)
Upon transformation - Fight Power Fight Power Fi-Fi-Fi-Fi Fi-Fi-Fi-Fi (ファイトパワー ファイトパワー ファイファイファイファイ ファファファファファイ」 )

E.L.S.-01 Lemon Energy Lock Seed (レモン)
Class - S
Owner - Duke Lock Seed
Belt - Genesis Driver
Arms - Soda! Lemon Energy Arms
Followup sound - Fight Power! Fight Power! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! F-F-F-F-Fight!
Weapon - Sonic Arrow (ソニックアロー)
First belt use - Kamen Rider Gaim 14, First seen transformation - Kamen Rider Gaim 28