Kagami Hiiro

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Name: Kagami Hiiro
First appearance: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 01
Played by: Seto Toshiki

Kagami Hiiro is a surgeon currently working for the secret Japanese Department of Health's CR department.


Hiiro is the son of Kagami Haima, the director of Seito University Hospital. He emigrated from Japan to the USA, where he established himself as a successful surgeon. He returns to Japan with the intention of becoming Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, as he is found to be compatible with the gamer driver, but is beaten to it by Houjou Emu. After CR secures a second Gamer Driver from GENM, he becomes Kamen Rider Brave.


Hiiro is cold and acts distant from his patients. A realist, he believes he only has to cure them of their illness and doesn't interfere with their personal matters. This is in contrast with Emu, and this causes friction between them. Poppy Pipopapo notes that the only things he enjoys are performing operations and sweets.


Kamen Rider Brave[edit]

Based on the role-playing game Taddle Quest, Kamen Rider Brave is themed around a stereotypical Western fantasy hero.

Level 1[edit]

In his first stage operation mode, Brave has the ability to make his physical attacks produce fire or ice.

Level 2[edit]

In his more humanoid level 2 form, Brave is equipped with a sword that is able to chance it's attacks from fire to ice by the push of a button.

Level 3[edit]

Using the DoReMiFa Beat Gashat, Kamen Rider Brave gains golden armour and the ability to deliver debilitating strikes using the power of rhythm.


  • Hiiro's name is pronounced like the English word Hero, which may be a reference to how Kamen Rider Brave acts as the hero of an RPG.
  • Hiiro is able to use the DoReMiFa Beat Gashat despite his lack of experience with rhythm games because he matches the rhythm of chest compressions used in procedures such as CPR.