Kaitou Daiki

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Portrayed by: Totani Kimito

Kaitou Daiki is a treasure thief who travels through A.R. Worlds like Kadoya Tsukasa and his friends.

He is familiar with Tsukasa prior to Kaitou's first appearance in Kamen Rider Decade 09.

Throughout his trips to various worlds, Kaitou is in search of items he finds of value to him.

Using the DiEnd Driver, Kaitou transforms into Kamen Rider DiEnd, the secondary Rider appearing in Kamen Rider Decade.

Kamen Rider DiEnd


Suit actor: Eitoku

Kamen Rider Neo DiEnd


Suit actor: Nakata Yuji

KR Neo DiEnd stand.png

First appearance: Ep 29

Height Weight
Punch power Kick power
Jump power 100m Dash

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