Kamen Rider Ichigou

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仮面ライダー1号 Literally Kamen Rider #1

Identity: Hongou Takeshi 本郷猛

Portrayed by: Fujioka Hiroshi 藤岡弘

The original Kamen Rider. His nickname is "Ichigou of Technique".

Rider Form

Kamen Rider Old Ichigou

First appearance - Ep 01
Height - 180cm
Weight - 70kg
Jumping power - 15.3m
Running Speed - 30km/h
Special Move(s)
  • Rider Kick
  • Rider Punch

Kamen Rider New Ichigou

First appearance - Ep 53
Height - 180cm
Weight - 70kg
Jumping power - 25.0m
Running Speed - 100m/1.5s
Special Move(s)
  • Rider Kick
  • Rider Punch
  • Rider Hammer
  • Rider Head Crusher



Ichigou's very first Rider Machine. Powered by wind.
It can go up to 400 kilometers per hour.
A motorcycle packed with a jet engine and computer-programming, Cyclone comes with extraordinary feats.
These features work to Ichigou's advantage in his battles against Shocker.
Its autopilot function allows Cyclone to jump up to 30m, maneuver underwater, and run on vertical walls.
Before departing to Europe to continue his battles, Ichigou entrusted Cyclone to Kamen Rider Nigou.

Remodeled Cyclone

Upgraded version of Cyclone.
Piloted by Ichigou during his exploits around the world.
Replaced by the New Cyclone.

New Cyclone

A third version of Cyclone that Ichigou pilots as his default Rider Machine.
Travels up to 500km per hour.
Developed by Takeshi, Tachibana Toubei, and Taki Kazuya.
Comes with many more features as a step-up to the original Cyclone.

  • Jumps up to 50m via activation of electromagnetic spring.
  • Radar function that tracks anything 200 km afar.
  • Cowling engine can fire a Cyclone Attack, an attack can break through walls.
  • Various booster engines to accelerate New Cyclone's speed.

Transformation Belt


When the wind blows through it, he transforms.


  • Rider Kick
  • Rider Tailspin Shoot
  • Rider Head Crusher


Fought Shocker and Gel Shocker. The first kaijin that he fought was Kumo Otoko (Spider Man).

How to Differentiate from Kamen Rider Nigou

  • In the remake movies, Ichigou's helmet had a blue tint while Nigou's had a green tint.
  • Unintuitively, Ichigou has two stripes on the side. Nigou has one.
  • Nigou is also the one who has red gloves and boots.

Kamen Rider THE FIRST and Kamen Rider THE NEXT

Played by: Kikawada Masaya
Suit actor: Maeda Hiroshi

Shin Kamen Rider

Played by: Ikematsu Sousuke

Portrayal in later series