Fuwa Isamu

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Born N.E. February 8, 1992 (1992-02-08) (27 years old)

Height 177cm
Weight 65kg
Blood type A

Portrayed by Okada Ryutaro

A.I.M.S. field captain for Kamen Rider Zero-One. 12 years ago, as a child he was traumatized by the events of Daybreak Town, leading him to join A.I.M.S. His trauma gives him a tremendous bias against Humagears.

Kamen Rider Vulcan[edit]


He transforms using the A.I.M.S. Shotriser

Shooting Wolf[edit]


Vulcan's base form.

Vulcanshootingwolfstand.png Key shooting wolf.png

The elevation increases as the bullet is fired
First appearance: Ep 2

Height 197.2cm Weight 95.6kg
Punch power 10.5t Kick power 27.0t
Jump power 16.2m 100m Dash 2.9s

Punching Kong[edit]


Vulcanpunchingkongstand.png Key punching kong.png

Enough power to annihilate a mountain
First appearance: Ep 6

Height 192.0cm Weight 461.8kg
Punch power 47.3t Kick power 22.9t
Jump power 8.5m 100m Dash 3.1s

Assault Wolf[edit]


Vulcanassaultwolfstand.png Key assault wolf.png

No chance of surviving
First appearance: Ep 14

Height 199.7cm Weight 119.6kg
Punch power 25.7t Kick power 57.8t
Jump power 32.4m 100m Dash 2.0s

Rampage Vulcan[edit]


Rampagevulcanstand.png Key rampage gatling.png

Gathering Round! RAMPAGE GATLING
First appearance: Ep 29

Height 199.9cm Weight 112.2kg
Punch power 46.5t Kick power 97.7t
Jump power 61.2m 100m Dash 0.9

Orthrus Vulcan[edit]


Orthrusvulcanstand.png Key japanesewolf.png

First appearance: Ep 44

Height 199.7cm Weight 121.3kg
Punch power 38.2t Kick power 76.7t
Jump power 45.3m 100m Dash 1.4


  • Fuwa might be named after Fuwa Mitsuharu, a samurai during the Sengoku era. Isamu means "to admonish, dissuade".
  • Vulcan is the Roman smith god.
  • Kong is probably a reference to King Kong.