Fuwa Isamu

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Portrayed by: Okada Ryutaro.


  • Born N.E. February 8, 1992 (1992-02-08) (27 years old)
  • Height 177cm
  • Weight 65kg
  • Blood type A
  • A.I.M.S. field captain for Kamen Rider Zero-One. 12 years ago, as a child he was traumatized by the events of Daybreak Town, leading him to join A.I.M.S. His trauma gives him a tremendous bias against Humagears.


  • Fuwa might be named after Fuwa Mitsuharu, a samurai during the Sengoku era. Isamu means "to admonish, dissuade".

Kamen Rider Vulcan


Stunt actor: Asai Kosuke

Transforms by sliding Progrise Keys into the A.I.M.S. Shotriser before pulling the Shotriser's trigger.

Shooting Wolf


Vulcanshootingwolfstand.png Key shooting wolf.png

The elevation increases as the bullet is fired.
First appearance: Ep 02

Height 197.2cm Weight 95.6kg
Punch power 10.5t Kick power 27.0t
Jump power 16.2m 100m Dash 2.9s
  • Shooting Wolf Progrise Key is set into the A.I.M.S. Shotriser to transform.
  • Vulcan's default form, based on a wolf.
  • Uses the Shotriser in battle.
  • Finisher(s) via Shotriser:
  • Shooting Blast (シューティングブラスト) - Fires a ball of energy at the target.
  • Shooting Blast Fever (シューティングブラスト フィーバー)
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Punching Kong


Vulcanpunchingkongstand.png Key punching kong.png

Enough power to annihilate a mountain.
First appearance: Ep 06

Height 192.0cm Weight 461.8kg
Punch power 47.3t Kick power 22.9t
Jump power 8.5m 100m Dash 3.1s
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Assault Wolf


Vulcanassaultwolfstand.png Key assault wolf.png

No chance of surviving.
First appearance: Ep 14

Height 199.7cm Weight 119.6kg
Punch power 25.7t Kick power 57.8t
Jump power 32.4m 100m Dash 2.0s

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Rampage Vulcan


Rampagevulcanstand.png Key rampage gatling.png

Gathering Round! RAMPAGE GATLING.
First appearance: Ep 29

Height 199.9cm Weight 112.2kg
Punch power 46.5t Kick power 97.7t
Jump power 61.2m 100m Dash 0.9s

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Orthrus Vulcan


Orthrusvulcanstand.png Key japanesewolf.png

Awakening the instinct of a beast long lost.
First appearance: Ep 44

Height 199.7cm Weight 121.3kg
Punch power 38.2t Kick power 76.7t
Jump power 45.3m 100m Dash 1.4s

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  • Vulcan is the Roman smith god.
  • Kong is probably a reference to King Kong.