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Born N.E. May 1, 1997 (1997-05-01) (22 years old)

Height 176cm

Weight 62kg

Blood Type O

Portrayed by Takahashi Fumiya

The main character of Kamen Rider Zero-One. He's the new CEO of Hiden Intelligence, after his grandfather Hiden Korenosuke passed away. His father's name is Hiden Soreo.

Prior to being CEO, Aruto was an amateur comedian. His signature line is "Gotta have Aruto!"


From Kamen Rider Zero-One 15:

  • May 1, 1997 Birth
  • July 25, 1997 Loses both his parents (Hiden Soreo and Hiden Yoshino) in an accident
  • December 2, 2007 His Humagear father, Hiden Soreo, died at the Daybreak Town incident
  • August 30, 2019 His grandfather, Hiden Korenosuke, passes away, passing the company and Zero-One to him.

Kamen Rider Zero-One


Suit actor: Nawata Yuuya

Rising Hopper


Zeroonerisinghopperstand.png Key rising hopper.png

Jump Up And Rise! A jump to the sky turns to a Rider Kick
First appearance: Zi-O movie

Height 196.5cm Weight 87.0kg
Punch power 8.4t Kick power 49.0t
Jump power 60.1m 100m Dash 4.1s

Biting Shark


Zeroonebitingsharkstand.png Key biting shark.png

Chomp Chomp! Chomping Shark! Fangs that can chomp through concrete
First appearance: Ep 3

Height 194.2cm Weight 98.1kg
Punch power 8.1t Kick power 42.1t
Jump power 17.8m 100m Dash 4.6s

In water, has a top speed of 86 knots.
Can dive 400m deep.

Flying Falcon


Zerooneflyingfalconstand.png Key flying falcon.png

Fly To The Sky! Spread your wings and prepare for a force
First appearance: Zi-O movie/Ep 4

Height 194.0cm Weight 85.5kg
Punch power 8.6t Kick power 27.2t
Jump power 17.5m 100m Dash 4.2s

Can fly at Mach 2 speeds.

Flaming Tiger


Zerooneflamingtigerstand.png Key flaming tiger.png

Gigant Flare! Explosive power of 100 bombs
First appearance: Ep 5

Height 194.1cm Weight 97.2kg
Punch power 12.3t Kick power 37.3t
Jump power 22.5m 100m Dash 3.6s

Freezing Bear


Zeroonefreezingbearstand.png Key freezing bear.png

Attention Freeze! Fierce breath as cold as arctic winds
First appearance: Ep 7

Height 194.0cm Weight 106.1kg
Punch power 13.1t Kick power 31.9t
Jump power 13.2m 100m Dash 4.2s

Breaking Mammoth


Zeroonebreakingmammothstand.png Key breaking mammoth.png

Giant Waking! Larger then life to crush like a machine
First appearance: Ep 9

Height 768.0cm Weight 6920.0kg
Punch power 25.2t Kick power 38.6t
Jump power 10.9m 100m Dash 1.3s

Shining Hopper


Zerooneshininghopperstand.png Key shining hopper.png

The Rider Kick increases the power by adding to brightness. When I shine, darkness fades
First appearance: Ep 12

Height 192.2cm Weight 90.2kg
Punch power 18.3t Kick power 58.9t
Jump power 70.0m 100m Dash 2.3s

Shining Assault Hopper


Zerooneshiningassaulthopperstand.png Key shining assault hopper.png

Warning, warning. This is not a test! No chance of surviving this shot
First appearance: Ep 15

Height 197.1cm Weight 103.7kg
Punch power 27.1t Kick power 67.7t
Jump power 78.8m 100m Dash 2.9s

Metal Cluster Hopper


Zeroonemetalclusterhopperstand.png Key metal cluster hopper.png

Secret Material. Hiden Metal. It's High Quality
First appearance: Ep 22

Height 196.5cm Weight 110.7kg
Punch power 44.8t Kick power 93.0t
Jump power 102.9m 100m Dash 1.2s

Kamen Rider Zero-Two


Zerotwostand.png Key zero-two.png

Road to Glory has to Lead to Growin' path to change one to two! It's never over.
First appearance: Ep 40

Height 200.0cm Weight 102.1kg
Punch power 62.0t Kick power 120.0t
Jump power 200.0m 100m Dash 0.2s

Kamen Rider Ark-One


Arkonestand.png Key ark-one.png

Destruction, Devastation, Despair, and Ruin! CONCLUSION ONE
First appearance: Ep 42

Height 199.9cm Weight 100.1kg
Punch power 54.2t Kick power 104.4t
Jump power 93.6m 100m Dash 0.6s

Kamen Rider Zero-One Realizing Hopper

仮面ライダーゼロワン リアライジングホッパー

Zeroonerisinghopperstand.png Key realizing hopper.png

A rider kick to the sky turns to take off toward a dream
First appearance: Ep 45

Height 196.5cm Weight 87.0kg
Punch power 59.1t Kick power 114.7t
Jump power 165.7m 100m Dash 0.5s

Hells Rising Hopper



  • His family has a funny pattern with their names. His grandfather is Korenosuke, "kore" means "this". His father is named Soreo, "sore" means "that". Aruto means "it exists", which he incorporates into his comedy catchphrase.