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Portrayed by: Gotoh Dai
First appearance: Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17

A character in Kamen Rider Geats. Temporarily an antagonist before cooperating with Ace and co. starting from episode 46 onwards.

Isuzu Daichi is a 24-year-old man who participates in the Desire Grand Prix as Kamen Rider Nudge-Sparrow.

A highly intelligent young man, Daichi is known as the "genius quiz king" for having the best IQ. Because of his intellect, Daichi was able to identify his competitors' wishes, based on his observations of them. According to Ukiyo Ace, Daichi and Ganaha Sae were finalists from a previous Desire Grand Prix.

Daichi's wish on his Desire Card is to obtain all of humanity's memories.

Following his elimination from the DGP, Daichi conspired with Beroba, Azuma Michinaga, and Archimedel to thwart the DGP by forcing Riders to compete against Jamato in the Jamato Grand Prix. During this time, Daichi learned about the Jamato's secrets at the Jammer Garden.

After Buffa eliminated Daichi from the Desire Royale, Daichi replaces Archimedel as the new Jamato gardener.

Daichi initiated the Parasite Game and creates the Little Jamato, a parasitic breed of Jamato that, upon infecting individuals, transforms them into Pawn Jamato. His motive with the Little Jamato is to acquire all memories from his victims. Daichi can also transform into the Marrella Jamato.

Daichi lost all of his victims' memories after Keiwa obtained his ideal world. He eventually regained his Tree of Knowledge as a result of Ace's undoing of Keiwa's world. Lectured by Ace about atoning for his sins, Daichi revives Sakurai Sara and cooperates with Ace and co. to deal with their remaining enemies.

Kamen Rider Nudge-Sparrow


Suit actor:

Uses the Desire Driver with Raise Buckles to transform.
Nudge-Sparrow is based on a sparrow.
Uses his intellect to gain the upper hand in battle.

Entry Form


Nadgesparrowentry formstand.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 194.8cm Weight 77.6kg
Punch power 1.3t Kick power 3.3t
Jump power 4.6m 100m Dash 8.5s

Initial form of Nudge-Sparrow.
Nudge-Sparrow ID Core is attached to the Desire Driver.

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Monster Form


Nadgesparrowmonster formstand.png Buckle monster basic.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 194.8cm Weight 88.4kg
Punch power 8.3t Kick power 17.3t
Jump power 5.1m 100m Dash 8.3s
Monster Buckle is set in the Desire Driver's right slot.
Packs powerful punches with the Monster Glove.
  • Finisher(s) via Desire Driver:
  • Monster Strike (モンスターストライク) - Powers up Monster Glove before delivering a strong punch.
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Marrella Jamato (Trilobite Jamato)

Marrella jyamatostand.jpg

First appearance: Ep 40
Characteristics/Strengths: Breaking down inorganic particles/fighting