Fukamiya Kento

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Portrayed by: Aoki Ryo

Kamen Rider Espada[edit]


Suit actor: Nakata Yuji

Lamp Do Alangina[edit]


KR Espada Lamp Do Alangina stand.png Lamp Do Alangina Book.png

First appearance: Ep 05

Height 217.0cm Weight 98.3kg
Punch power 9.8t Kick power 18.5t
Jump power 20.4m 100m Dash 4.6s

Lamp Do Hedgehog[edit]


KR Espada Lamp Do Hedgehog stand.png Lamp Do Alangina Book.pngNeedle Hedgehog Book.png

First appearance: Ep 06

Height 217.0cm Weight 106.6kg
Punch power 12.8t Kick power 24.7t
Jump power 23.2m 100m Dash 4.4s

Golden Alangina[edit]


KR Espada Golden Alangina stand.png Tri Cerberus Book.pngNeedle Hedgehog Book.pngLamp Do Alangina Book.png

First appearance: Ep 10

Height 217.0cm Weight 120.0kg
Punch power 18.8t Kick power 34.6t
Jump power 33.6m 100m Dash 4.1s