Kamen Rider Blade (Character)

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Kamen Rider Blade
Japanese 仮面ライダーブレイド
Actor Takaiwa Seiji (Suit actor)
Alt identity Kenzaki Kazuma
Series Kamen Rider Blade
First appearance Kamen Rider Blade 01
Organization Board
Element Lightning
Motif Blade, Spade, Kabuto Beetle
Rival(s) Kamen Rider Garren, Kamen Rider Chalice

Kamen Rider Blade (仮面ライダーブレイド) is the main rider and protagonist of Kamen Rider Blade. He represents the spade suit. Spade comes from the Italian word "spada" which means "sword" or "blade".

Kenzaki Kazuma is the one who transforms into Blade.


Of the Blade Riders, Blade has the most forms.

Base form

Blade's base form comes from the Beetle Category Ace card. It gives him large buglike eyes and a mask that resembles a tall horn/the spade symbol. His overall suit is grey armor plates on top of a blue suit.

Jack Form ジャックフォーム

Ultimate/King Form キングフォーム

In the series, they make a point to state that normally the King Form would mean that Blade would only get the power of his King Card. However, when Kenzaki uses his King, he fuses with all 13 of his spade suit cards.
In this form, Blade looks like a knight in heavy plate metal. The cards become fused into the various armor pieces. When back in card form, they have a gilded pattern instead of their normal form. This form also gives Blade the weapon, the KingRouser.


Rousing Sword BlayRouser (醒剣ブレイラウザー)

A portmanteau of Blade and Rouser. This weapon is a sword with an unfolding card holder and a card reader. Blade's basic weapon. When performing finishers which don't involve BlayRouser, Blade will sometimes stick the weapon into the ground for safekeeping.

Rousing Greatsword KingRouser (重醒剣キングラウザー)