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Welcome to the official TV-Nihon wikipedia! If you don't know much about us, TV-Nihon is a fansubbing group that was created in October 2002. Our main shows are live-action Japanese tokusatsu shows such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, although we have subbed some JDramas and animes. Over the course of almost a decade, we have subbed almost 3000 movies/episodes. Make sure to visit our official site: to chat on forums with others, or visit our official Facebook and Twitter page on the frontpage to hear updates.

Here's some FAQs and staff notices:

Q: When will episode XXX of (insert show name) come out?

A: When it's ready. That's the answer that will never change. Don't bother asking because people always work when they have time on the subs, so asking for us to go faster is pointless. We also need to rotate around different staff schedules so be patient with us.

Q: Will you sub movies of (insert the name of an ongoing TV-Nihon project)?

A: Of course. Have we not before? If you want to know about movie release dates on DVDs, go to this link: Don't ask about movies that were just released in theaters in Japan either, because there would be no way for us to obtain a copy of it.

Q: Can I use your subs for my own personal reasons like a club or panel event?

A: Sure. The only thing we are against is for others to be using our subs for profit. We're the ones working hard on the shows and we're giving it away for free, so why should our stuff be used by others to earn them some money? It doesn't make sense.

Q: How do I download videos?

A: Go to our Direct Download Links section for downloads from storage lockers. A lot of link for direct downloading is unavailable since the Megaupload shutdown, so for an alternative, go to our tracker for torrents.

Q: Is there a way I can help out?

A: Sure. TV-Nihon can always use some help. Go to this thread if you want to feel like you have the skills to truly help out by becoming a staff: You can also help out with donations; TV-Nihon subs for free, but we will gladly accept any donations because the server costs money yearly, and some DVDs for older projects might be hard-going on the wallet. Lastly, you can also help submit some direct downloading links from storage lockers onto our site:

Q: Will you sub this show?

A: If it's licensed and has a copyright holder in America, then the answer is a definite no; we do not host licensed materials because if a show is licensed, people can just freely download these shows, which might be damaging to a local company's financal earning. If it's not really our genre, such as romance and pure-comedy, then the answer is probably also no. Our main aspect are Tokusatsu shows. If it's an older Super Sentai series or another older Tokusatsu show such as the Metal Hero series, Kikaider, or Showa Kamen Riders, then we'd need to obtain the DVDs for quality purposes and to support Toei. We'd also need to have the time and the staff who's willing to be working on the show as well; we already have many on-hold projects that're still active, and we really don't need to keep adding to our list knowing that we won't finish them anytime soon. However, we will always sub the new Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series. That's a given.

Q: Do you guys do softsubs or hardsubs?

A: Hardsubs.

Q: Will you sub music videos?

A: We often recommend people to buy the official CDs from Japan to help support the company. Even though it's Japanese, it's not too hard to go online and search for lyrics and translations. That's why we sub episodes and movies, but not music videos often.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here; who can I turn to for help?

A: On our official website, if you're a registered user, click the link on the bottom of the index page of the forums that says "Administrators". They can often help out by answering mostly every question you might ask. However, you can also click on the link that says "The team", which is next to "Delete all board cookies", and some Moderators might also be able to help you out.