Amatsu Gai

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Portrayed by: Sakuragi Nachi
First appearance: Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 3

A character in Kamen Rider Zero-One.


  • He is the president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan.
  • Using the ZAIA Thousandriver, Gai transforms into Kamen Rider Thouser.
Thouser infected with the game illness in Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents-.

Kamen Rider Thouser


Stunt actor: Eitoku, Nakata Yuji (Eps 31-43)

Thouserstand.png Key awaking arsino.pngKey amazing caucasus.png

When the five horns cross, the golden soldier THOUSER is born.
First appearance: Reiwa The First Generation (Movie) / Ep 17 (TV)

Height 204.2cm Weight 99.1kg
Punch power 42.4t Kick power 86.5t
Jump power 58.1m 100m Dash 1.8s

Awaking Arsino Zetsumerise Key and Amazing Caucasus Progrise Key are set into the Thousand Driver to transform.
Thouser's default form. Uses the Thousand Jacker as his default weapon.

  • Motif: Arsinoitherium / Caucasus beetle
  • Finisher via Thousand Driver:
  • Thousand Destruction (サウザンドディストラクション)

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Kamen Rider Thousand Ark


Key ark-one.png
When the five horns cross, the thousand ARK is born.
First appearance: Smart Brain to 1000% no Crisis

Thousand Ark Progrise Key is set into the Ark Driver-One to transform.

  • Motif: Ark / Kamen Rider Thouser