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Portrayed by: Oshida Gaku

Myoukouin Geiz is the deuteragonist of Kamen Rider Zi-O.

A young man from a dystopic future in the year 2068, Geiz is part of a resistance force that fought Oma Zi-O. He time travels to 2018 to erase Tokiwa Sougo before the latter will become Oma Zi-O in 50 years from the present time.

Geiz uses a Jikuu Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Geiz, the secondary Rider and rival to Zi-O.

Kamen Rider Geiz


Suit actor: Nawata Yuuya

KR Geiz stand.png Geiz Watch.png

First appearance: Ep 01

Height 194.5cm Weight 92.0kg
Punch power 8.5t Kick power 18.7t
Jump power 30.0m 100m Dash 5.2s

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Ride Armors

Using Ridewatches with the Jikuu Driver, Geiz has access to armored forms themed after Legend Riders called Ride Armors,
which possess the powers of a Legend Rider respective to the Ridewatch used with the driver.

Kamen Rider Geiz Revive


Kamen Rider Zi-O Trinity


KR Zi-O Trinity stand.png Zi-O Watch.png Zi-O Trinity Watch.png

First appearance: Ep 30

Height 203.6cm Weight 116.4kg
Punch power 37.4t Kick power 86.8t
Jump power 98.5m 100m Dash 1.6s

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Kamen Rider Geiz Majesty


Form Data & Statistics Description
20191012 1.jpg
First appearance: Zi-O NEXT TIME: GEIZ, MAJESTY
  • Height - N/A
  • Weight - N/A
  • Punch power - N/A
  • Kick power - N/A
  • Jump power - N/A
  • 100m Dash - N/A
  • V-Cinext exclusive final form for Kamen Rider Geiz.
  • Accessed by inserting the Geiz Majesty Ride Watch into the left slot of the Jikuu Driver.
  • This form is Geiz's equivalent to Grand Zi-O. However, Geiz can only summon weapons used by previous Secondary Riders from G3 to Cross-Z.
  • Geiz Majesty's Finish Time is called Il Salvatore Time Burst.

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