Kamen Rider Birth

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The second Rider in Kamen Rider OOO.

Kamen Rider Birth

Current Main User: Gotou Shintarou

Former Main User: Date Akira

Other Users: Nobunaga, Hino Eiji

Birth is developed by the Kougami Foundation to collect Cell Medals more effectively while bypassing Eiji and Ankh's efforts. It uses the power of Cell Medals to summon various attachments to fight Yummies but it is at a disadvantage with Greeeds due to the relative output of Core Medals is greater than Cell Medals. It has an electronic heads up display and used to have a self-destruct device before Gotou disabled it after Maki defected.

Birth Buster

This is the main weapon that Birth uses without using any of the attachments. It uses Cell Medals as ammunition to attack the enemy with. It needs to be reloaded since it the clip can only hold so many Cell Medals. Without proper training, the recoil will easily knock you down. Its Cell Burst fires a huge ball of energy at the target usually enough to defeat a Yummy with. Using a Cell Burst without the Birth armor on is not recommend since the recoil has knock both Date and Gotou down in OOO Wonderful.

CLAWs Attachments

All the attachments can collect Cell Medals since they are magnetized to them but unable to collect Core Medals. There are at least two sets of CLAWs Attachments since there was a Sasori CLAW operating independently in OOO Wonderful.

Crane Arm - a winch attachment on the right arm that usually collects Cell Medals easily after a Yummy is defeated, it can be also used to scale buildings, can be combined with Drill Arm to give Drill Arm extra range

Breast Cannon - Birth's most powerful attachment, it can do multiple Cell Bursts to fire a powerful energy attack, usually needs OOO to distract the enemy to achieve maximum power

Drill Arm - a drill attachment on the right arm, primary used to attack the enemy, it can be combined with Crane Arm to give it extra range

Caterpillar Leg - gives Birth tank-like treads to give it extra speed and the treads can be used on the enemy

Shovel Arm - gives Birth a shovel attachment on the left arm, use to give extra strength to pick up Yummies

Cutter Wing - gives Birth the ability to fly and also can be used as a boomerang that Birth controls with his movements

Kamen Rider Birth Day Form

BirthDay is the form that Birth takes when uses all six CLAWs Attachments at the same time. It can easily fire a Breast Cannon shot without the time of preparing for it.

Kamen Rider Birth Prototype

Main user: Date Akira

When Akira came back to Japan, he was given this by Satonaka so that he could fight again. It's basically a gimped version of Birth with only a few of the modules.

Visually, can be distinguished from the actual Birth suit by red markings on the suit.

Sasori CLAWs

Requires 1000 Cell Medals to access, it allows Birth to combine all six CLAWs Attachments into a giant scorpion. Crane and Drill Arm form the tail, Breast Cannon is the body, Caterpillar Leg is the legs, while Shovel and Cutter Wing are the pincers. It can be independent from Birth's control. Its finishing blow is a rainbow like laser from the tail.


It was created first to test the various outputs and attachments before making the current model. It only has Crane Arm and Breast Cannon. It resurfaced after a huge battle with the Greeed forced the main Birth Driver need extensive repairs. Gotou used it for a short time before the main one was repaired again. When Date returned from Japan, he used the Prototype belt. It was put out of commission in the fight against Kamen Rider Poseidon.


  • Birth is named by Kougami and his quirk about the beginning of things.
  • It's the only Rider system where the main Rider used as well.