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Portrayed by: Kitamura Ryo

A character in Kamen Rider Geats.

Niramu is the producer of the Desire Grand Prix. He is accompanied by his secretary, Samasu.

In terms of authority among the DGP staff, Niramu ranks above the Game Masters. He supervises all games and ensures they are played fairly. He appoints Game Masters and removes them when they violate the rules of the DGP.

Niramu uses the Vision Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Gazer.


To ensure the DGP is at a level playing field, Niramu gives his assistance to Riders in the DGP when necessary. He does this in episode 13 when he sends Ukiyo Ace the Command Twin Buckle to get him out of a pinch in the Musical Chairs game.

In episode 16, Niramu erased Girori from the DGP, due to Girori's attempts at eliminating Ace from the DGP.

Niramu is aware of Ace suspecting that the DGP's staff is keeping secrets from him. This awareness comes from Ace knowing that the Desire Cards will not grant certain wishes and the mysteries surrounding the DGP's existence.

As the producer of the Desire Grand Prix, Niramu's objective is to ensure only the rules of reality are applied in the DGP.

  • In episode 21, Niramu deems Michinaga's return to the DGP as "fiction" because he did not expect him to live after he was eliminated by the Rafflesia Fortress Jamato in episode 15.

Kamen Rider Gazer


Stunt actor: Komori Takuma

Scans the Providence Card through the Vision Driver to transform.
Gazer is named after the word gaze, which is to look with one's eyes steadily and intently.

Gazerstand.png Item visiondriver basic.png

First appearance: Ep 21

Height 213.0cm Weight 92.7kg
Punch power 43.8t Kick power 88.7t
Jump power 118.7m (one jump) 100m Dash 1.8 seconds (100m)

Attacks enemies with the levitation of the Dominion Ray, which can also take control of a Rider's mind.
Creates screen projections that shield him from enemy attacks.
Deals powerful blows with a single punch.

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