Kamen Rider Raia

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Kamen Rider Raia
Japanese 仮面ライダーライア
Actor Yabe Keizo (Stunt actor)
Alt identity Tezuka Miyuki
Series Kamen Rider Ryuki
First appearance Kamen Rider Ryuki 13
Motif Stingray/Knight
Rival(s) Kamen Rider Knight
Kamen Rider Ouja

Kamen Rider Raia is the fifth Rider that appears in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Alternate Identity

Kamen Rider Raia


KR Raia stand.png CardRaiaAdvent.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 13

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
190cm 92kg 200AP (10t) 300AP (15t) 40m (one jump) 100m/5s

Raia's default form after contracting with Evildiver.
EvilVisor is Raia's default weapon.

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A list of Cards used by Kamen Rider Raia.
Raia uses these cards with the EvilVisor to access weapons, summon Evildiver, and activate his Final Vent.

CardRaiaAdvent.jpeg CardRaiaSwing.jpeg CardRaiaCopy.jpeg CardRaiaFinal.jpeg
Swing Vent
Copy Vent
Final Vent
Attack: 4000 Attack: 2000 N/A Attack: 5000
First appearance: Ep 13 First appearance: Ep 13 First appearance: Ep 13 First appearance: Ep 13
  • Evildiver - The Contract Monster of Raia, based on a stingray. Summoned to assist Raia in battle.
  • Swing Vent - Summons the Evil Whip (エビルウィップ).
  • Copy Vent - Copies the ability of an enemy's card.
  • Final Vent - Executes the finisher, Hyde Venom (ハイドベノン).