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Portrayed by: Onuki Rina

A character in Kamen Rider Geats.

Ganaha Sae is a 22-year-old athletic woman who participates in the Desire Grand Prix as Kamen Rider Lopo.

Sae is the oldest daughter of Ganeha Maki. She has a younger brother named Jun and a younger sister named Mio. Prior to entering the Desire Grand Prix, Sae became an athlete to support her family.

According to Ukiyo Ace, Sae and Isuzu Daichi were finalists in a previous Desire Grand Prix.

Sae's wish on her Desire Card is to maintain her athleticism as she gets older.

Kamen Rider Lopo


Stunt actress:

Uses the Desire Driver with Raise Buckles to transform.
Lopo is based on a wolf. Her name is spanish for wolf.
Because of her athletic abilities, Lopo fights fiercely and runs fast.

Entry Form


Lopoentry formstand.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 204.0cm Weight 68.1kg
Punch power 1.0t Kick power 3.1t
Jump power 7.2m 100m Dash 7.4s

Initial form of Lopo.
Lopo ID Core is attached to the Desire Driver.

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Zombie Form


Lopozombie formstand.png Zombie Buckle.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 204.9cm Weight 82.1kg
Punch power 2.0t Kick power 4.6t
Jump power 7.2m 100m Dash 7.7s
Zombie Buckle is set in the Desire Driver's right slot.
Slashes with the chainsaw blade Zombie Breaker.
Uses the Berserk Claw to slash and poison targets.
  • Finisher(s) via Desire Driver:
  • Zombie Strike (ゾンビストライク)
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Ninja Form


Loponinja formstand.png Buckle ninja basic.png

First appearance: Ep 19

Height 204.9cm Weight 71.7kg
Punch power 1.9t Kick power 4.4t
Jump power 21.2m 100m Dash 4.8s
Ninja Buckle is set in the Desire Driver's right slot.
Slashes with the twin-blade Ninja Dueler.
Arsenal of various ninjutsu.
  • Finisher(s) via Desire Driver:
  • Ninja Strike (ニンジャストライク)
  • Ninjutsu:
  • Swift movement and performs high leaps.
  • Shadow clone formation.
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Boost Form


Lopoboost formstand.png Boost Buckle.png

First appearance: Ep 21

Height 204.9cm Weight 74.6kg
Punch power 13.0t Kick power 40.3t
Jump power 93.6m 100m Dash 2.5s
Boost Buckle is set in the Desire Driver's right slot.
Boost Puncher amplifies punch power and combat speed.
  • Revolve On - Switches Boost Form's upper armor with lower armor.
  • Finisher(s) via Desire Driver:
  • Boost Strike (ブーストストライク)
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