Kino Kaoru

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Portrayed by: Higuchi Takanori

A recurring character in Kamen Rider Agito.

A 32-year old surgeon who also goes by the name of the Dark Doctor because of his expertise in his profession.
Has a down-to-earth sense of justice after the loss of his younger brother to frostbite years ago.

Character History

Kamen Rider Another Agito


Another Agito is the Rider form Kaoru transforms into. He resembles to that of a locust.

Suit actor: Shirai Masashi

Another Agito Data & Statistics Description
KR Another Agito stand.png
First appearance: Ep 36
Height - 200cm
Weight - 97kg
Punch force - 15t
Kick force - 30t
Sturdiness - Defense 7
Jump force - 70m
Top speed - 100m/5s
  • Another Agito's default form.
  • Transformed via activation of Ankh Point in transformation belt.
  • Skilled in physical combat.
  • Finisher is called Assault Kick, which appears similar to
Kamen Rider Agito's Rider Kick.

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Dark Hopper


Dark Hopper Another Agito Description
Dark Hopper.png Dark Hopper 02.jpg
Kaoru rides can transform into the Dark Hopper as a result of the
activation of the Ankh Point.
  • Like many Rider bikes, Dark Hopper comes with extraordinary
feats for navigation purposes and can operate autonomously.

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