Kudou Rinne

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Portayed by: Matsumoto Reiyo

Kudou Rinne is the deuteragonist of Kamen Rider Gotchard.

Rinne is a classmate of Ichinose Houtarou at Furasu High School. As a student at Furasu, Rinne presents herself as a model student with impeccable grades and manners. However, this is a facade as unbeknownst to many, Rinne is a student attending the secret Alchemist Academy under the mentorship of her teacher, Minato.

Rinne is the daughter of the prodigious alchemist Kudou Fuuga, who vanished 10 years prior the start of the series. Rinne grew to resent her father for stealing the Chemies from the Alchemist Academy prior to his vanishment, whilst having mixed thoughts about the reason behind her father's act.

Rinne uses the AlchemisDriver to transform into Kamen Rider Majade.

Kamen Rider Majade


Suit actor:

Uses the AlchemisDriver with RideChemy Trading Cards to transform.
Majade's name may be a combination of the words mage and jade.



KR Majade SunUnicorn.jpg Img frontunicon.pngImg frontthe sun.png
Prominence Horn. SunUnicorn.
First appearance: THE WINTER MOVIE: Gotchard & Geats (Movie) / Ep 19 (TV)
Height 197.9cm Weight 70.7g
Punch power 7.9t Kick power 9.2t
Jump power 15.8m (one jump) 100m Dash 7.1s

Transformation via AlchemisDriver (Unicon Card in right slot, TheSun Card in left slot).
Uses alchemy to create projectile attacks and purify residue from enemy attacks.
Excels in physical combat.

  • Finisher via AlchemisDriver:
    • SunUnicorn Nova (サンユニコーンノヴァ) - Jumps and rapidly kicks the enemy from above before shifting backwards after landing the final kick.
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  • Renge jokingly calls Rinne "honor student" since Rinne is usually studious and by-the-book, whether as a student in Furasu or in the Alchemist Alchemy.
  • In her transformation, the Prominence Horn refers to a Solar Prominence and a unicorn's horn, both aspects of the cards she uses to transform.