Kamen Rider Kaixa

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Kamen Rider Kaixa
Japanese 仮面ライダーカイザ
Actor Ito Makoto (Suit actor)
Alt identity Kusaka Masato and others
Series Kamen Rider 555
First appearance Kamen Rider Faiz 10
Allegiance Humanity


Suit actor: Ito Makoto

Kamen Rider Kaixa is the secondary Rider from Kamen Rider 555.

It's tempting to spell it as Kaiza since that's the literal transliteration of the Japanese, but this wouldn't make sense, since the theme of the Rider is X.

Punch power:3t
Kick power:7t
Running Speed:100m in 6.3s
Jump power:30m

Themed after the Greek letter Chi/X. The transformation code is 913, which is loosely spells out Kaixa (9=ku, 1=ichi, 3=san). His Photon Stream color is yellow and his eye section is purple.

Orphenoch and humans with an Orphenoch code implanted in them can use Kaixa. If someone unqualified tries to use Faiz, they would get knocked back. If someone unqualified transforms into Kaixa, when they undo the transformation, they would turn to ash. If someone is completely unqualified, they would get rejected with the same error message as Faiz.

Kaixa Gear

  • SB-913 B Kaixa Driver カイザドライバー
  • SB-913 P Kaixa Phone カイザフォン
  • SB-913 C Kaixa Shot カイザショット
  • SB-913 X Kaixa Blaygun カイザブレイガン
    • Gun Mode
    • Blade Mode
  • SB-913 B Kaixa Pointer カイザポインター


  • Kaixa Slash カイザスラッシュ
  • Grand Impact グランインパクト
  • Gold Smash ゴルドスマッシュ


  • SB-913 V Side Basshaa サイドバッシャー
    • Battle Mode


Kaixa's name comes from the German word "Kaiser", their version of the word "Caesar".