Igarashi Ikki

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Portrayed by: Maeda Kentaro

The protagonist of Kamen Rider Revice.

Kamen Rider Revi[edit]


Suit actor: Nawata Yuuya

Rex Genome[edit]


KR Revi Rex Genome stand.png Rex Vistamp.png Revice Rex.png

First appearance: Ep 01

Height 198.2cm Weight 93.6kg
Punch power 8.9t Kick power 32.1t
Jump power 28.2m 100m Dash 3.8s

Eagle Genome[edit]


KR Revi Eagle Genome stand.png Eagle Vistamp.png Revice Eagle.png

First appearance: Ep 02

Height 196.9cm Weight 81.1kg
Punch power 8.0t Kick power 25.7t
Jump power 52.4m 100m Dash 5.3s

Mammoth Genome[edit]


KR Revi Mammoth Genome stand.png Mammoth Vistamp.png Revice Mammoth.png

First appearance: Ep 03

Height 198.0cm Weight 106.9kg
Punch power 14.8t Kick power 36.8t
Jump power 16.4m 100m Dash 4.4s

Ptera Genome[edit]


KR Revi Ptera Genome stand.png Ptera Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 04

Height 202.9cm Weight 86.7kg
Punch power 8.4t Kick power 19.1t
Jump power 43.6m 100m Dash 4.1s

Lion Genome[edit]


KR Revi Lion Genome stand.png Lion Vistamp.png Revice Lion.png

First appearance: Ep 05

Height 196.6cm Weight 91.4kg
Punch power 12.5t Kick power 30.4t
Jump power 22.9m 100m Dash 3.2s

Megalodon Genome[edit]


KR Revi Megalodon Genome stand.png Megalodon Vistamp.png Revice Megalodon.png

First appearance: Ep 06

Height 202.3cm Weight 90.3kg
Punch power 10.1t Kick power 28.3t
Jump power 36.4m 100m Dash 4.8s

Jackal Genome[edit]


KR Revi Jackal Genome stand.png Jackal Vistamp.png Revice Jackal.png

First appearance: Ep 07

Height 202.0cm Weight 82.4kg
Punch power 11.6t Kick power 24.3t
Jump power 48.1m 100m Dash 3.6s

Kong Genome[edit]


KR Revi Kong Genome stand.png Kong Vistamp.png Revice Kong.png

First appearance: Ep 08

Height 198.9cm Weight 109.7kg
Punch power 20.4t Kick power 19.5t
Jump power 18.4m 100m Dash 4.3s

Kamakiri Genome[edit]


KR Revi Kamakiri Genome stand.png Kamakiri Vistamp.png Revice Kamakiri.png

First appearance: Ep 09

Height 197.1cm Weight 96.5kg
Punch power 14.6t Kick power 17.2t
Jump power 19.5m 100m Dash 3.9s

Brachio Genome[edit]


KR Revi Brachio Genome stand.png Brachio Vistamp.png Revice Brachio.png

First appearance: Ep 10

Height 196.9cm Weight 112.8kg
Punch power 17.5t Kick power 44.2t
Jump power 12.4m 100m Dash 5.8s

Barid Rex Genome[edit]


KR Revi Barid Rex Genome stand.png Barid Rex Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 13

Height 200.0cm Weight 118.7kg
Punch power 31.2t Kick power 62.5t
Jump power 56.8m 100m Dash 2.6s

Volcano Rex Genome[edit]


KR Revi Volcano Rex Genome stand.png Volcano Vistamp.pngBarid Rex Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 203.8cm Weight 113.8kg
Punch power 40.1t Kick power 75.1t
Jump power 61.9m 100m Dash 2.2s