Houjou Emu

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Name: Houjou Emu (宝生永夢)
First appearance: Kamen Rider Ghost 50
Played by Iijima Hiroki

Houjou Emu is a pediatrics intern at Seito University Hospital and the main protagonist of the 2016-2017 series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


Emu became a doctor because he greatly admires the doctor who saved his life after a mysterious accident. After becoming an intern at Seito University Hospital, a chance encounter with Karino Asuna leads to him acquiring a Gamer Driver and becoming Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


Emu is friendly and popular among his patients, although prone to mistakes due to his clumsiness and inexperience. However, he is a skilled gamer who plays under the pseudonym M. Emu believes doctors have to protect their patients smiles, and therefore has no qualms about involving themselves in their personal lives. Because of his optimistic nature, Emu is easily manipulated and confused by others.


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid[edit]

仮面ライダーエグゼイド Using the Might Action X Gashat, Emu is able to transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. He transforms into a sporty action hero.

Level 1[edit]

Ex-Aid's first operation mode is more adept at traversing environments than the other Riders and provides him with superior jumping abilities.

Level 2[edit]

Ex-Aid's more humanoid Level 2 form is equipped with a weapon that can transform from a hammer to a blade with the push of a button.

Level 3[edit]

Using the GEKITOTSU ROBOTS Gashat, Ex-Aid gains superior upper arm strength and a gauntlet that lets him punch much harder than usual.


  • Emu is the Japanese way of pronouncing the English letter "M". A loose translation of his name means "Life is precious" and "Eternal dream".