Kamen Rider Kabuto the Movie: GOD SPEED LOVE

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Kamen Rider Kabuto the Movie: GOD SPEED LOVE
劇場版 仮面ライダーカブト GOD SPEED LOVE
Kabuto Movie Blu-ray.jpg
Director Ishida Hidenori
Writer Yonemura Shouji
Starring Mizushima Hiro
Sato Yuki
Satonaka Yui
Nagata Anna
Yamaguchi Yoshiyuki
Composer Haishima Kuniaki
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) August 5, 2006 (2006-08-05)
January 21, 2007 (2007-01-21) (DVD)
July 21, 2009 (2009-07-21) (Blu-ray)
Running time 66 minutes
Gross revenue 950 million yen
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Kamen Rider Kabuto
ゴッド スピード ラブ
Ep 27 >

The Kamen Rider Kabuto summer movie.

Double featured with GoGo Sentai Boukenger THE MOVIE: The Most Powerful Precious.


This planet's future and humanity's survival are at stake. A battle to the death begins in space.


  • Seven years ago of an alternate timeline, a huge meteorite crashed on Earth and dried up the oceans.
  • Seven years later, Neo ZECT declares a war on ZECT to fight for their freedom.
  • ZECT created the Ladder to Heaven project to regain oceans. In truth, there are secrets behind the project along with the rumors of the Golden Rider.
  • Tendou uses the Hyper Zecter to travel back to seven years ago, so that he can change the history. Later, He gives the Rider Belt to the young Tendou and disappears.

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Hercus (仮面ライダーヘラクス)
Kamen Rider Ketaros (仮面ライダーケタロス)
Kamen Rider Caucasus (仮面ライダーコーカサス)
Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form (仮面ライダーカブト ハイパーフォーム)


  • Grandmother said this... "I walk the Path of Heaven, the Man who will Rule Everything... Tendou Souji."
おばあちゃんは言っていた。俺行き天の道を、総てを司る男… 天道総司。
  • Grandmother said this... "The strong are saved. The weak crumble."
  • Grandmother said this... "Turn the tea bag inside out when the food is extremely bad."



Culex Worm


  • A Worm who attacks Hiyori.


  • Tendou Souji / Kamen Rider Kabuto - Mizushima Hiro 天道総司 / 仮面ライダーカブト - 水嶋ヒロ
  • Kagami Arata / Kamen Rider Gatack - Sato Yuki 加賀美新 / 仮面ライダーガタック - 佐藤祐基
  • Kusakabe Hiyori - Satonaka Yui 日下部ひより - 里中唯
  • Oda Hidenari / Kamen Rider Hercus - Kobayashi Katsuya 織田秀成 / 仮面ライダーヘラクス - 小林且弥
  • Yamamoto Tetsuki / Kamen Rider Ketaros - Koga Mitsuki 大和鉄騎 / 仮面ライダーケタロス - 虎牙光揮
  • Kurosaki Issei / Kamen Rider Caucasus - Musashi 黒崎一誠 / 仮面ライダーコーカサス - 武蔵 (格闘家)
  • 7 years ago Tendou - Sean Wiig 7年前の天道 - ショーン・ウィーグ
  • 7 years ago Hiyori - Fujii Reina 7年前のひより - 藤井玲奈
  • Tendou Juka - Okumura Natsumi 天道樹花 - 奥村夏未
  • Kusakabe Satomi - Asano Kaori 日下部さとみ - 浅野香織
  • Hokuto Shura - Morishita Chisato 北斗修羅 - 森下千里
  • Yaguruma Sou / Kamen Rider TheBee - Tokuyama Hidenori 矢車想 / 仮面ライダーザビー - 徳山秀典
  • Kazama Daisuke / Kamen Rider Drake - Kato Kazuki 風間大介 / 仮面ライダードレイク - 加藤和樹
  • Misaki Yuzuki - Nagata Anna 岬祐月 - 永田杏奈
  • Tadokoro Shuuichi - Yamaguchi Yoshiyuki 田所修一 - 山口祥行
  • Mishima Masato - Yuge Tomohisa 三島正人 - 弓削智久
  • Kagami Riku - Honda Hirotaro 加賀美陸 - 本田博太郎
  • Customer - Inoue Satoshi - 井上聡
  • Customer - Koumoto Junichi - 河本準一
  • Doctor - Satoi Kenta 医者 - 佐戸井けん太
  • Takemiya Yumiko - Nishimuta Megumi 竹宮弓子 - 西牟田恵

Voice Actors

  • Kamen Rider Sasword - Yamamoto Yusuke 仮面ライダーサソード - 山本裕典
  • Narration - Suzuki Eiichirou ナレーション - 鈴木英一郎

Stunt Actors

  • Kamen Rider Kabuto - Takaiwa Seiji 仮面ライダーカブト - 高岩成二
  • Kamen Rider Gatack/TheBee - Ito Makoto 仮面ライダーガタック、仮面ライダーザビー - 伊藤慎
  • Kamen Rider Sasword/TheBee - Watanabe Jun 仮面ライダーサソード、仮面ライダーザビー - 渡辺淳
  • Kamen Rider Drake - Oshikawa Yoshifumi 仮面ライダードレイク - 押川善文
  • Kamen Rider Caucasus - Okamoto Jirou 仮面ライダーコーカサス - 岡元次郎
  • Kamen Rider Hercus - Ooiwa Hisanori 仮面ライダーヘラクス - 大岩永徳
  • Kamen Rider Ketaros - Nagase Naoki 仮面ライダーケタロス - 永瀬尚希

Song Used

Kabuto CD(f).jpg
Singer, Lyrics, Composer: Kikkawa Koji
Arranger: Sugawara Hiroaki


  • Yaguruma is still TheBee. In this movie, he leads an army of ZECTroopers with the approximate of 50 men while in the TV series he leads a group of ZECTroopers with the approximate of 15 men. His Kanzen Chouwa phrase includes Perfect Mission and Perfect Death.
  • The color palettes of the movie Riders are referencing to the trophies: Ketaros (Bronze), Hercus (Silver), and Caucasus (Gold).
  • Kamishiro Tsurugi, Jiiya, Kageyama Shun, and Gon are not seen or mentioned in the movie.
  • Kagami and Hiyori are in love. Hiyori calls Kagami as Arata.
  • The movie is a prequel to the TV series since it features Tendou giving the Rider Belt to his younger self. Hyper Kabuto appears in the movie first before he appears in the TV series.
  • When Hyper Kabuto lands on the ruins in front of young Tendou and Hiyori, he resembles to the angel on Hiyori's drawing.

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Director's Cut

Director's Cut
Kabuto Movie DC DVD.jpg
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) May 21, 2007 (2007-05-21)
Running time 79 minutes

An extension of the movie with additional footages that are not shown in the theatrical cut.

A list of extended or edited scenes:

  • Innocent people are caught in the explosion caused by the huge meteorite when it crashed on Earth.
  • The banner of the movie includes Director's Cut Version.
  • Tendou finds himself a newspaper about Worm menace.
  • Extension of Neo ZECT members are heavily under attack while they are trying to escape.
  • The ZECTroopers go after Hokuto Shura while the Riders are fighting against each other.
  • TheBee and Drake dislike Tendou's introduction.
  • Extended the Bistro La Salle restaurant scene where Kagami tries to propose a marriage to Hiyori.
  • Kagami is recommended to be part of the Ladder to Heaven project.
  • Kagami rides Hiyori to a memorable place.
  • ZECT immediately initiates the Ladder to Heaven project after Yaguruma and Yamato learned Neo ZECT's plan to attack from an unknown phone call.
  • Daisuke transforms into Drake to create a diversion.
  • Oda is forced to change plans after Shura turned on him with Yaguruma transforms into TheBee.
  • Kagami set up the Ladder to Heaven project.
  • Mishima informs Kagami Riku about the process of Ladder to Heaven project with Kurosaki Issei appears.
  • Kabuto offers to save Ketaros, but Ketaros refuses the offering.
  • The announcement and Misaki announce the countdown of launching the jetplane.
  • Extension of Kabuto and Gatack fight against Caucasus.
  • Tendou's scream to feel the mackerel's mouth can be heard. The end credits include footages from the movie.
  • The scene of Tendou playing at the beach with Kagami and Hiyori is relocated to after the end credits.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Yonemura Shouji (米村正二)
Director: Ishida Hidenori (石田秀範)
Music: Haishima Kuniaki (蓜島邦明)
Cinematographer: Inokuma Masao (いのくままさお)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (宮崎剛)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • Toei (東映)
  • Toei Animation (東映アニメーション)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei Video (東映ビデオ)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)
  • Toei Advertising (東映エージエンシー)
  • Bandai (バンダイ)


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