Kamen Rider Dread

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Kamen Rider Dread
Japanese 仮面ライダードレッド
Series Kamen Rider Gotchard
First appearance Kamen Rider Gotchard 12
Organization Malgam

Kamen Rider Dread is a Rider that appears in Kamen Rider Gotchard.

Alternate Identity

Kamen Rider Dread


Suit actor:

Uses the Dreadriver with Replica versions of RideChemy Trading Cards to transform.
Dread's name is derived from the word dread, meaning "fear" or "anxiety".

Type Zero


KR Dread Type Zero.jpg Img Repli steamliner.png
Dread Zero.
First appearance: Ep 12
Height 210.9cm Weight 124.4kg
Punch power 14.2t Kick power 18.4t
Jump power 15.7m (one jump) 100m Dash 6.1s

Transformation via Repli Steamliner Card set into the Dreadriver before pulling the driver's lever.
While the user is under the Dreadriver's dark influence, Dread combats mercilessly in battle.

  • Finisher via Dreadriver:
    • Dread Breaking (ドレッドブレイキング) - Rider Kick.

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Repli Chemy Cards

Dread can use the powers of any Chemy by sliding Repli Cards into the Dreadriver's Cons Stealer.