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Suit actor: Shirai Masashi

The ninth Rider in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Alternatively spelt as Impeller or Impera.

His name is based on the word impale, which means "to stab".

In addition to his knight-themed appearance, Imperer is based on an antelope, particularly an impala.

Alternate Identity

Sano Mitsuru


Portrayed by: Hyuga Takashi

Debuts as Imperer in Ep 40 of Kamen Rider Ryuki. First appears as Sano in Ep 41.

Sano Mitsuru is a young man who becomes Kamen Rider Imperer after agreeing to a contract with Kanzaki Shirou.

He participates in the Rider War as Imperer to break free from minimum wage work in order to live a happy and a wealthy life. To achieve his wish, Sano tries to form alliances with other Riders by any means necessary to earn their trust, even going as far as bribing them with money. In Ep 43, he provides Toujou Satoru / Kamen Rider Tiger hospitality after the latter's battle with Kamen Rider Zolda and Ouja.

Sano learns the passing of his father in Ep 44 and is placed as the CEO of his father's company. He sees it as an opportunity to start enjoying the wealthy life he wants, however Kanzaki Shirou reminds him that his contract in the Rider War is still a continue. His Mirror Monsters attack him in a surprise, Sano reluctantly transforms into Imperer to attack Ryuki for the sake of his own survival. He initially forms a pact with Toujou together, but Toujou ends up turning his back on Sano in a shocking twist. While escaping in a wounded condition, he is unexpectedly ambushed by Ouja who destroys his Card Deck by using the Final Vent Rider Kick. In his final moments, Sano cries for help while trapped in the Mirror World and he eventually fades from existence while his girlfriend, Yuri, waits for his return.

Sano is not seen again after the reset of the series' timeline in Ep 50, but may have been restored to life with the other Riders that were not shown on-screen.



Portrayed by: Shinoda Ryo

Ishida is a young man who participates in the new Rider War as Kamen Rider Imperer in RIDER TIME RYUKI.

He was initially part of an alliance with Kido Shinji (Ryuki) and Kimura (Verde), led by Tezuka Miyuki (Raia), since the start of the war.
Along with Shinji and Kimura, Ishida agrees to Tezuka's plan to outwit Shibaura Jun by lending Tezuka his Card Deck.
However, Ishida's trust in Tezuka leads him to getting killed by Raia's Evildiver after Tezuka revealed his true colors.


Kamen Rider Imperer


File:KR Imperer stand.png CardImperaAdvent.gif

First appearance: Ep 40

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed

Imperer's default and balanced form after contracting with Gigazelle.

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Cards used by Kamen Rider Imperer in his battles.

CardImperaAdvent.gif Attack Power : 4000

An Advent Card with an antelope-like Mirror Monster depicted on it.

Gigazelle is Imperer's Contract Monster, summoned with this card via
Imperer's Gazellevisor, to assist him in battle.

Spin Vent
CardImperaSpin.gif Attack Power : 2000

Activated through the Gazellevisor to summon the Gazelle Stub,
a shield-like weapon with massive, dual-drill horns akin to that of Gigazelle.

Final Vent
CardImperaFinal.gif Attack Power : 5000

Hordes of gazelle/antelope-themed Mirror Monsters rush towards the attack target.

Imperer executes a jumping knee Rider Kick, thus dealing the
finishing blow to the target.