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Kamen Rider Kuuga
Japanese 仮面ライダークーガ
Actor Tominaga Kenji (Suit actor)
Alt identity Godai Yuusuke
First appearance Kamen Rider Kuuga 01
Allegiance Linto
Signature move Mighty Kick
Motif Kuwagata Beetle

The titular character for the series Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Suit actor: Tominaga Kenji

Kuuga's design is based on the kuwagata beetle, hence Kuuga.


Godai Yuusuke

Standard Forms

Except the Growing Form, these were Kuuga’s basic forms ever since the ancient time with a Linto user.

Growing Form グローイングフォーム
The weakest Kuuga form. His horns are smallest in this form. Kuuga's power is represented by the length of his horns.
The police refer to Kuuga in this as Unknown Lifeform #2.
There are several factors that may cause Kuuga to automatically enter this form.
When the user is critically wounded in a battle.
When the user exceeds the time limit of using Pegasus Form.
When the spirit stone, Amadam, is not in full power.
When the spirit stone is exhausted from using to much power.
Mighty Formマイティフォーム
Kuuga's red default form.
The police refer to Kuuga in this form (and after they learn that he does color swaps) as Unknown Lifeform #4.
He doesn't use a weapon in this form, but has a Rider Kick finisher.
Dragon Form ドラゴンフォーム
Kuuga's blue form which increases his speed at the cost of strength.
The weapon in this form is the Dragon Rod.
His hand to hand combat is not very effective without a weapon though.
Pegasus Form ペガサスフォーム
Kuuga's green form which increases his senses at the cost of extreme stamina drain.
The weapon in this form is the Pegasus Bowgun.
He can only stay in this form for 50 seconds at most, otherwise Kuuga enters Growing Form and not being able to transform within two hours.
Titan Form タイタンフォーム
Kuuga's purple form which increases his defense and attack.
The weapon in this form is the Titan Sword.
The armor’s endurance has its eventual limits in blocking any attacks.
Standard Forms
Growing Form Mighty Form Dragon Form Pegasus Form Titan Form
Kuuga GrowingForm.jpg Kuuga MightyForm.jpg Kuuga DragonForm.jpg Kuuga PegasusForm.jpg Kuuga TitanForm.jpg

Rising Forms


The upgrade of all Kuuga's Standard Forms.
Rising Forms increases the abilities of each Standard Forms.
The maximum limit of using Rising forms is only 30 seconds, otherwise Kuuga will revert back to the Standard Forms.
Rising Mighty ライジングマイティ
An upgrade of the Mighty form.
Rising Dragon ライジングドラゴン
An upgrade of the Dragon form.
Rising Pegasus ライジングペガサス
An upgrade of the Pegasus form.
Rising Titan ライジングタイタン
An upgrade of the Titan form.
Amazing Mighty アメイジングマイティ
An upgrade of the Rising Mighty form.
Rising Forms
Rising Mighty Form Rising Dragon Form Rising Pegasus Form Rising Titan Form Amazing Mighty Form
Kuuga RisingMightyForm.jpg Kuuga RisingDragonForm.jpg Kuuga RisingPegasusForm.jpg Kuuga RisingTitanForm.jpg Kuuga AmazingMightyForm.jpg

Ultimate Form


Kuuga's strongest form.
Ultimate Form
Kuuga UltimateForm.jpg Kuuga UltimateForm2.jpg


Arcle アークル
Kuuga's transformation belt. Kuuga usually uses it for changing forms or summoning Gouram.
Amadam アマダ
A spirit stone in the Arcle, which is the core to function the belt.
It has the ability to save the user from a certain death.
Dragon Rod ドラゴンロッド
The weapon of Dragon form.
Pegasus Bowgun ペガサスボウガン
The weapon of Pegasus form.
Titan Sword タイタンソード
The weapon of Titan form.
Gouram 装甲機ゴウラム
An ancient weapon that serves Kuuga in battle.
It has the ability to combine with Kuuga’s motorcycles.
It is equipped with a spirit stone which shares the similarity to Kuuga’s Amadam.
Gouram's spirit stone, however, is a failsafe that Gouram will self destruct if Kuuga enters Ultimate Form.
TryChaser 2000 トライチェイサー2000 (TRCS 2000)
An advance motorcycle developed for the Police Department.
Try Gouram トライゴウラム
The combination of Gouram and TryChaser 2000 resulted as armored horse.
BeatChaser 2000 ビートチェイサー2000 (BTCS 2000)
Another advance motorcycle developed for Kuuga to replace the TryChaser 2000.
Beat Gouram ビートゴウラム
The combination of Gouram and BeatChaser 2000 resulted as armored horse.

Other Appearances

Kamen Rider Decade

User: Onodera Yuusuke


Kamen Rider Kuuga had most multiple forms in the Kamen Rider franchise until Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider OOO broke the record.

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