Sakuta Ryuusei

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Sakuta Ryuusei


Played by: 吉沢亮 Yoshizawa Ryo

The second Rider on Kamen Rider Fourze.


Ryuusei's personality was two-faced at first. On the outside he appears to be timid and cowardly since he tends to run away when Zodiarts attack. In reality, he's rather observant. He doesn't really like the Kamen Rider Club members because he swore not to have friends anymore after what happened with Jirou.

He practices the martial art Seishin Dairin-ken (Star Heart Great Circle 星心大輪拳). The name sounds a bit like Seishun which means Youth and is the theme of Fourze.

Even though he's a smart fighter, he tends to let his pride and arrogance get in the way of making good decisions. This arrogance allow Kijima to discover the fact that Ryuusei was Meteor. His pride as a fighter causes him to anger easily such as his first battle with the Cygnus Zodiarts and with the Leo Zodiarts. In the case of Leo, he did not want to run away even though Tachibana told him to which at one point, he forced Ryuusei to run away by teleporting him out of the area.

Once his identity as Meteor was known by the Kamen Rider Club, he dropped the timid act and became more like himself in front of them. He also wants to atone for killing Gentarou so he becomes more friendly towards him and even protects him from the advances of Takamura Yukina during the Kyoto trip.

When Tomoko was sent to the Dark Nebula, Ryuusei took her disappearance hard especially when he discovered that Tachibana is Virgo. He may have feelings for Tomoko.


"I am a traitor. But... I'm fine with that, as long as Jirou is saved."

"I will decide your fate." - As Meteor.


Sakuta Ryuusei is currently an exchange student at Ama High. He originally comes from Subaruboshi High School and practices kung-fu at a local temple. One day, his best friend and fellow member, Iseki Jirou, got a Zodiarts Switch. He wanted to be stronger than Ryuusei but when he pressed the Switch, it backfired on him and put him in a coma.

While visiting Jirou at the hospital, Ryuusei received a mysterious package from Tachibana which contains the Meteor Driver and Switch. He was given a mission to find the Aries Zodiarts who has the ability to save Jirou because he is able to wake him up so he could turn off the Switch since it's currently stuck on the "on" position. At the same time, he cannot let anyone know that he is Meteor or Tachibana will revoke any attempts of Ryuusei becoming Meteor.

Ryuusei first meets the Kamen Rider Club as Meteor when they were dealing with the Perseus Zodiarts. He helped in the fight by dealing with Libra while Fourze defeats the Perseus Zodiarts. Soon afterwards, he becomes an exchange student and attends Ama High. He manages to find the Rabbit Hutch but was initially denied of being a member of the Kamen Rider Club by Gentarou.

During the second battle with the Lynx Zodiarts, Meteor allows him to escape since he show potential of becoming a Horoscope and manages to outclass Fourze in the process. When the Lynx Zodiarts was defeated by Fourze, Ryuusei punches Gentarou because he ruined a chance for Aries to appear. That act allow Ryuusei to be a member of the Kamen Rider Club even though it was just being an apprentice member.

Eventually Ryuusei's identity as Meteor was figured out by Kijima. Tachibana was able to discover this via the Meteor Switch and revoke his permission to allow Ryuusei to become Meteor but was offered a second chance. Tachibana tested him by telling him that he must reach the lighthouse at a certain time to receive the Meteor Storm upgrade but at the same time, he had to return back to the Kamen Rider Club since they allow him to visit Jirou while being the hostages of the Cancer Zodiarts. Ryuusei ended up returning to the Kamen Rider Club and thought he missed the chance to get the upgrade but that wasn't the case. Tachibana gave him the Meteor Storm upgrade because he didn't abandon the Kamen Rider Club. With the new upgrade, he was allow to become Meteor again and defeated Cancer with it.

Under the orders of Tachibana, Ryuusei went to Subaruboshi High School to investigate the presence of Zodiarts. He saw Libra on the grounds and fought with him. That was enough to have the Kamen Rider Club going to Subaruboshi as well. He found out that the exchange student from Ama High had taken control of the school and was the Aries Zodiarts. Instead of going with Tachibana's idea of helping Fourze to defeat Aries, he decides to join him in defeating Fourze. This act went very badly for Gentarou as he actually kills Gentarou. Tachibana immediately revokes permission from Ryuusei and thus revealing his identity as Meteor to the Kamen Rider Club. Tachibana later calls him a traitor for his actions. Jirou was soon revived by Aries and was able to press the Zodiarts Switch off. After Jirou realized what Ryuusei did to get him back, his condition worsen. Feeling the guilt of these actions, Ryuusei decides to fight Aries without the powers of Meteor in order to save the Kamen Rider Club from execution. Afterwords, Tachibana allows Ryuusei to become Meteor once again but he still has to keep his identity a secret to people outside of the Kamen Rider Club which includes Oosugi.

Ryuusei was believed to be sent to the Dark Nebula by Virgo/Tachibana but actually was sent to M-BUS in stasis. He returned shortly after Gentarou managed to achieve Cosmic States through friendship.

Kamen Rider Meteor


The second Rider in Kamen Rider Fourze. As with many other secondary or tertiary riders, his initial relationship with Fourze is that of an antagonist or rival.


Meteor Galaxy = The name of the gear on Meteor's right hand. Allows him to create Jupiter, Mars, or Saturn on his hand for various different attacks.

Special Attacks

Jupiter - Creates a mini-model of the planet Jupiter around Meteor's right hand. Mostly used in a stabbing motion.

Saturn - Creates a mini-model of the planet Saturn around Meteor's right hand. Meteor throws Saturn's rings at the enemy when using this attack.

Mars - Creates a mini-model of the planet Mars around Meteor's right hand. He uses it like Jupiter but adds fire damage to the enemy.

Meteor has two Limit Breaks. The first Limit Break uses the Meteor Switch in the Meteor Galaxy. This Limit Break allows Meteor to execute a series of charged right punches at the enemy. The second Limit Break uses the Meteor Switch in the Meteor Driver that allows Meteor to do a charged jump kick.

Meteor is able to use Fourze's Switches like Elec and Fire to make his attacks electrically or fiery charged.

Kamen Rider Meteor Storm

Meteor's powered-up form. Uses the Meteor Storm Switch.

Gives Meteor usage of a bo weapon called Meteor Storm Shaft.

His finisher is Meteor Storm Punisher. It launches the pinwheel part of the Meteor Storm Switch and moves around as a top to defeat his enemies.


  • Ryuusei actually means "meteor" in Japanese. It's a nod to his alter ego, Kamen Rider Meteor. The "Saku" in Sakuta means "new moon" or the first day of the lunar month. It could possibly refer to his status as the newest Rider.
  • Ryuusei's Fighting Style is Jeet Kune Do, the marital arts system founded by Bruce Lee. To emphasise this, he shares certain mannerisms with Lee. For example, he wipes his nose in the same way when he says his catchphrase, has used Lee's signature One Inch Punch and when he fights his "Kiai" (The short exhalation before or during a strike or technique) are often identical to Bruce Lee's.
  • Because of the way Japanese pronounce "Meteor" it sounds like they are saying "Kamen Rider Meteo". Even the relatively good English for Meteor's gear pronounces it as "Meteo" even though other English words are properly pronounced correctly.