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Kamen Rider G Den-O is the enemy Rider in the "Episode Yellow: Treasure DeEnd Pirates" movie. The theme of Kamen Rider G Den-O is police.

Kurosaki Reiji


Actor: Furukawa Yuta 古川雄大

Reiji is a member of the Time Police. The Time Police's job is to arrest people or Imagins that disrupt time. The police station is built on the terminal station, adding a clock tower to the station. The top level of the clock tower is the jail.

Reiji was from a rich family. His mother abandoned him when he was still little. Since then, he has been developing hatred towards his mother for discarding him. Two years later, a thief named Kaitou Daiki broke into the house and stole a box containing his family heirloom, a golden magnum. The heirloom box was lost and the magnum was damaged during the subsequent police chase. These incidents causes him to distrust humans. After he grew up, he joins the Time Police and become partner with the artificial Imagin Eve. Eve is the only one he trusts, as he believes Eve's orders are prefect and will not make mistakes like human does. He carries out Eve's instructions without questions.

When Kaitou Daiki returns to November 22, 2008 to change the past and prevents the destruction of the heirloom box, it is revealed that his mother's letters are hidden inside the box. His mother wrote letters to him almost everyday, but those letters were hidden away before they could reach Reiji, and his mother was not allowed to visit Reiji possibly due to her lower social status. Reiji starts to loosen up as he learns the truth about his mother. He starts to disobey Eve's orders and eventually giving Kaitou Daiki the K-Touch to henshin into Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

When he returns to the year 2010, Reiji goes to look for his mother following the address written on the letters. He finds her as the owner of a flower shop. As he sees that she still keeps photographs of kid-Reiji in the shop, Reiji understands that she is not the cold-hearten mother he believes she was. Reiji promises her that he will return to the shop another day.

As Kamen Rider G Den-O of the Time Police, Reiji's Rider Pass contains the Imagin Eve and is also his police badge. The pass allows him to teleport and travel to different times without using a time-traveling train. The pass can generate handcuffs and teleport the arrested suspect straight to jail. Reiji also uses the damaged golden magnum as his personal weapon until Kaitou Daiki changes the past and re-steal the pistol from him.



Voice Actor: Takahashi Hiroki 高橋広樹

Eve is the first artificial Imagin created by the Time Police and is assigned as Officer Reiji's partner. He does not have a physical body and exists only in Reiji's Rider Pass. Eve acts like a super computer, he can access the police database anywhere anytime. He also instructs Reiji during battle by calculating and anticipating enemies' movements.

When Reiji regains the letters sent by his mother, Reiji is so focused on the letters that he stops listening to Eve's orders. Eve becomes mad and decides all humans cannot be trusted. He goes out of control, breaks out of the Rider Pass in his digital form and changes into Kamen Rider G Den-O on his own. He declares that the world will be governed by artificial Imagins, time will be managed perfectly, and all humans will be eliminated. He is destroyed by Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form and Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

Kamen Rider G Den-O


Suit Actor: Ito Norihito 伊藤教人

Kamen Rider G Den-O is the Time Police's Kamen Rider. He does not need a time-train, and can simply use the Rider Pass to teleport through time. G Den-O can generate a barrier from his hands to block incoming attacks.

  • Armor: The design of G Den-O is based on a police car. When G Den-O henshins, a police car with sirens blaring transforms into the helmet visors. The armor is mainly silver and black, with Eve's face becoming the chest armor.
  • Weapon: DenGasher Truncheon Mode and Gun Mode. Gun Mode can fire a spiderweb-net to capture criminals.
  • Finisher Charge: Perfect Weapon
  • Finisher:
  1. Swipe the Rider Pass over of the belt;
  2. Generates a sphere-shaped barrier around G Den-O that blocks all incoming attacks;
  3. Within the safety of the barrier, G Den-O can fire a series of red and blue homing laser shots using DenGasher Gun Mode.


  • Kamen Rider G Den-O is the only Den-O Rider without a specific "form".
  • Eve's "sand form" is made of red and blue digital characters, unlike other Imagins that is just made of normal sand.
  • Kurosaki Reiji probably came back from the future. He was still a kid in 2008, but 2 years later in 2010 where the story takes place, he is shown as a grown-up time police.