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仮面ライダー NEW 電王

Kamen Rider New Den-O first debut in the "Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O the Movie: Final Countdown" movie, and has since been a recurring character in subsequent Kamen Rider Den-O movie releases.

Nogami Koutarou


Actor: Sakurada Dori 桜田通

Koutarou is Nogami Ryoutarou's grandson. Owner recruited him from the future and have him became New Den-O to help deal with the threat posed by the Phantom Train of dead (Final Countdown). At first he badmouths Ryoutarou a lot, complaining that Ryoutarou is weak and has the worst senses, and that he has a grudge against Ryoutarou. To prove that he is stronger, Koutarou goes against enemies alone and also setting up a time limit (usually around 10 seconds) for himself to defeat the enemy within the limit. He loses to Shirou and is nearly killed by Kamen Rider Yuuki Skull Form but is saved by Ryoutarou's strong will. He starts to respect his grandfather after this.

In reality, Koutarou rarely meets grandpa Ryoutarou in his own era. The reason Koutarou does not like Ryoutarou is because Ryoutarou was the one who named him "Koutarou", a very country-sounding name in his era. Because of this name he is being laughed at every time he introduces himself. Koutarou also inherited Ryoutarou's bad luck, often encountering randomly unpleasant events.

Koutarou's relationship with Teddy is different from other Imagins and their contract holders. Teddy did not possess Koutarou and was not created from Koutarou's image. Teddy was dispatched from the Terminal by Owner to temporarily form a contract with Koutarou for the Phantom Train incident. Koutarou has since then takes Teddy for granted, doesn't realized how important Teddy was to him until the contract ended and the contract is transferred over to Owner. Teddy eventually returns to Koutarou by his own will (Chou Den-O Trilogy EPISODE BLUE).



Voice Actor: Ono Daisuke 小野大輔 / Stunt Actor: Kaneda Shinichi 金田進一

Teddy is a special kind of Imagin, he does not form a contract by possessing his contract holder. Each time his current contract ends he moves on to a new contract holder. He has been changing contract holders until he was assigned to Koutarou. He and Koutarou formed a strong brotherly bond during their time together. Teddy protects Koutarou from his bad luck, neutralizing every bad things happened before they impact Koutarou.

When his contract with Koutarou ends, he didn't know what to do and so he follows what he normally does and moves to his new contract holder (Owner). However, he couldn't stop thinking of Koutarou even while working for Owner. When Koutarou is in danger, Teddy finally realizes what he wanted and rushes to help Koutarou, despite being told that he might disappears if he derails from his current contract with Owner. Teddy and Koutarou both realize that they are important to each other, and agree to fight together again even without a contract between them.

After the battle Teddy told Koutarou that this is the first time in his life he chooses his own path. He thanked Koutarou, turns to sand and disappeared. But he later reappears in the DenLiner. Owner explains that Teddy did not derail from his contract, his bond with Koutarou is so strong that he merely returns back to his original track. They learned to value each other after this.

Teddy is always polite and mannerly.

Kamen Rider New Den-O

仮面ライダー NEW電王

Suit Actors:

Strike Form

The form which Koutarou assumes on his own.

  • Armor: The armor is mainly dark blue in color. The helmet resembles DenLiner's first train car with the long red visors. The chest armor is similar to the "train junction" chest plate of Den-O Climax Form.
  • Weapon: DenGasher Sword Mode
  • Finisher Charge: Full Charge (The belt pronounces it as "Full-Char-gee", different from the standard Den-O belt.)
  • Finishers:
Finisher 1: Charges up the Macheteddy to perform a powerful vertical slash that cuts the enemy in half
Finisher 2: Charges up Strike Form's right leg to perform a powerful Rider Kick

Imagin Weapons

When partnered with a Den-O Imagin, the New Den-O system does not change the Rider into different forms in accordance to the Imagin, it transforms the Imagins into different weapons instead.

  • Macheteddy (マチェーテディ)
The most common form of New Den-O's weapon, it is a large dark blue machete that Teddy transforms into. It can also be used as a rifle, firing off from the top of the blade. Name is a combination of "machete" and "Teddy".
  • Kintaono (キンタオノ)
It is a super large and heavy yellow axe that Kintaros transforms into. Used in the "Chou Den-O Trilogy EPISODE BLUE" movie. Name is a combination of "Kintaros" and "Ono/Axe".
  • Uratazao (ウラタザオ)
A blue fishing rod-type weapon that Urataros transforms into. It functions similar to a whip. Seen in the "Chou Den-O Trilogy EPISODE BLUE" movie. Name is a combination of "Urataros" and "Sao/Rod".
  • Momotaken (モモタケン)
A red sword that Momotaros transforms into to temporarily replace the Macheteddy. Appears in the "Let's Go Kamen Riders" movie. Name is a combination of "Momotaros" and "Ken/Sword".

Vega Form

Due to the disrupted timeline in the "Warship of Onigashima" movie, Deneb's contract with Sakurai Yuuto is messed up and Deneb is able to possess Koutarou, turning New Den-O into Vega Form. His introductory line is "Let me say this to start! The face on my chest really is just a decoration!", same as when he first transforms into Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Form.

  • Armor: The helmet mask is similar to Zeronos Vega Form, with Deneb's face at the chest and Deneb's arms as the vambraces.
  • Weapon: DenGasher Naginata Mode
  • Finisher Charge: Full charge (Pronounces as "Full-Char-gee")
  • Finisher: The belt charges up the naginata which can then performs a powerful slash

New DenLiner

The New DenLiner looks exactly the same as the DenLiner except that the train's body is mainly blue and white, compare to DenLiner's white with red borders. The trains interior also changed to an elegant color design, replacing the rectangular tables with oval tables and moving the coffee bar to the middle of the car. By the time of the Chou Den-O Series, the trains exterior reverted back to white and red color, but the interior cafe retained the New DenLiner design.

The New DenLiner functions exactly the same as the DenLiner. It has the DenBird motorbike in the first train car that acts as the train's controls. It can also travel to specific time in the past by combining a train ticket with the Rider Pass and inserting the Pass into DenBird's slot.


Kamen Rider New Den-O is featured in the following movies:

2008 - Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O the Movie: Final Countdown
2009 - Chou Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade NEO Generations: Warship of Onigashima
2010 - EPISODE BLUE: The Dispatched Imagin is NewTral
2011 - OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders


  • Despite being Koutarou's Imagin, Teddy never once possesses Koutarou. Instead, Koutarou has been possessed by Urataros, Deneb, Kintaros, Ryuutaros and Momotaros in that order throughout the movies.