Gotou Shintarou

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後藤 慎太郎

Played by Kimijima Asaya 君嶋麻耶

The second man to be Kamen Rider Birth in Kamen Rider OOO.


Gotou Shintarou is the second man who became Kamen Rider Birth. He was a detective on the police force but quit the force when he had a chance to achieve his desire to save the world with the Kougami Foundation. He becomes the captain of the 1st Ride Vendor squad but quickly realizes he's outmatched when facing both Greeeds and Yummies. Gotou became disillusioned with his current role when he is regulated to doing errands for Kamen Rider OOO. He eventually tries to get Eiji to give him the OOO Driver so he could be OOO since he believed that he could do a better job. But he realizes that Eiji is most suited to be OOO since he figures out that he needs to start small before trying to save the world.

Gotou had a chance of becoming the wielder of Birth when Maki ask him to bow to him but refused. After meeting Date Akira, the man chosen by Kougami to become Birth, he became extremely weak after being in a downpour all night and collapsed at Cous Coussier. Realizing that he needs to humble himself, he decides to work at Cous Coussier as a waiter. Soon after that, he was accepted by Date Akira to be his support and eventually heir to the Birth belt. When he rejoined the Foundation, he was hired to be Satonaka's assistant which normally he would have rejected but his time at Cous Coussier made him accept it easily. He eventually becomes Birth after Date presumably dies but even after seeing Date is still alive, he still became the new wielder of Birth since Date left Japan for his surgery.

Gotou continues to be Birth even after Date returns to Japan which Date uses the Proto Birth Driver. After the final battle with Maki, Gotou left the foundation and rejoined the police force. In Mega Max, Gotou is asked by Kougami to be Birth again when Kamen Rider Poseidon came from the future to fight the Kamen Riders of the present era. He is severely injured in his fight with Poseidon but comes back to help Eiji in the final battle against Poseidon.


Gotou is a rather serious person with a strong desire to save the world. Gotou initially believed that Eiji was unfit to be OOO since he didn't have a grand desire to save the world and hated that he limited himself greatly. He realizes that he needs to start doing what he can before even trying something like saving the world. Over time, Gotou became friends with Eiji.

His pride is consider to be one of his major weaknesses since he doesn't allow himself to lower himself in front of people. In order to rid himself of that weakness, he work at Cous Coussier as a waiter.

Gotou is adept with using various firearms including rocket launchers and constantly trains to improve his combat capabilities. He is also consider to be a manual man which proves very useful in his first time as Birth being able to use it so well against three Greeeds.


  • Gotou is the second person to become Birth both in the TV series and Movie War Core.