Kamen Rider Calibur

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Kamen Rider Calibur
Japanese 仮面ライダーカリバー
Actor Tominaga Kenji and other suit actors
Alt identity Fukamiya Hayato (1st), Kamijou Daichi (2nd), Fukamiya Kento (3rd), Sophia (4th)
Series Kamen Rider Saber
First appearance Kamen Rider Saber 01
Organization Sword of Logos
Element Kurayami
Motif Knight/Dragon/Darkness

Kamen Rider Calibur is one of the many swordsman Riders in Kamen Rider Saber.

Also known as the Swordsman of Darkness. Possesses the Dark Blade Kurayami.

Kamen Rider Calibur


Suit actor: Tominaga Kenji

Known as the Swordsman of Darkness, Calibur is the primary wielder of the Dark Blade Kurayami.
Transforms with Wonder Ride Books set into the Wicked Blade Caliburdriver before opening them.
Calibur is themed after a knight and dragon.
Calibur's element is Kurayami (月闇) or darkness.

Jaaku Dragon


KR Calibur Jaaku Dragon stand.png Jaaku Dragon Book.png

Dark Moon Deciphering. The light is stolen away by the black blade, which mercilessly controls the dragon of darkness.
First appearance: Ep 01

Height 217.6cm Weight 121.3kg
Punch power 17.1t Kick power 29.4t
Jump power 29.5m 100m Dash 3.9s
Jaaku Dragon
Set in the Caliburdriver.
Motif: Dragon. Element: Kurayami.
Creates dimensional tears by slashing with Kurayami.
Deflects attacks back at the enemy.
  • Calibur's default form.

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Jaou Dragon


KR Calibur Jaou Dragon stand.png Jaou Dragon Book.png

No one can escape.
First appearance: Ep 11

Height 217.6cm Weight 133.6kg
Punch power 26.1t Kick power 47.8t
Jump power 46.7m 100m Dash 2.9s
Jaou Dragon
Set in the Caliburdriver.
Motif: Dragon/King. Element: Kurayami.
Delivers powerful slashes with Kurayami.
Deflects attacks back at the enemy.
  • Calibur's upgrade form.
  • Finisher(s) via Kurayami:
  • Kurayami Finisher - When Jaou Dragon is scanned, the blade shoots dragon-like projections to knock down the enemy.
  • Jaou Finisher (ジャオウ必殺撃) - Shoots Jaou Dragon from the Kurayami at the enemy.

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