Jin (Zero-One)

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Portrayed by: Nakagawa Daisuke


  • Jin is a Humagear founding member of MetsubouJinrai.net who transformed into Kamen Rider Jin.
  • Uses the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser to transform into Kamen Rider Jin.

Kamen Rider Jin


Stunt actor: Eitoku

Flying Falcon


Jinflyingfalconstand.png Key flying falcon.png

Break down.
First appearance: Ep 06

Height 195.2cm Weight 95.4kg
Punch power 9.0t Kick power 30.1t
Jump power 23.8m 100m Dash 4.1s

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Kamen Rider Official site

Burning Falcon


Jinburningfalconstand.png Key burning falcon.png

The strongest wings bearing the fire of Hell.
First appearance: Ep 25

Height 192.0cm Weight 109.5kg
Punch power 34.6t Kick power 90.3t
Jump power 47.6m 100m Dash 1.4s

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Kamen Rider Official site

Kamen Rider Ark Zero


Arkzerostand.png Item ark driver-zero basic.png

All zero.
First appearance: Ep 36

Height 196.0cm Weight 122.4kg
Punch power 47.6t Kick power 96.3t
Jump power 73.1m 100m Dash 0.8s

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