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Kamen Rider Yuuki is the enemy Rider of the "Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown" movie. He has two forms: the Skull Form and the Hijack Form. The theme of Kamen Rider Yuuki is death.



Actor: Matsumura Yuuki 松村雄基

Shirou is the main antagonist of the movie. Shirou and his lover Sora lived happily together 400 years ago. When Sora died, Shirou was heart broken and couldn't stop thinking about her. He was so obsessed that he boarded the train of the dead, the Phantom Train, and obtained its Pass and the Yuuki Belt (ユウキベルト Yūki Beruto). He wishes to revive Sora, so they can live together once again. His plan is to have Nogami Ryoutarou (possessed by Ghost Imagin) to kill his own ancestors. Having a Singular Point erase himself from time could produce a destructive force great enough to turn time inside out. Living humans and dead humans would swap places. The dead will be revived, and the living will die.

Shirou and Sora used to play spinning tops together in the past. Now, Shirou uses a whipping top as his weapon. The tops he possesses are actually bombs, which can deal devastating damage with direct hits or when a whole lot is rained upon the enemy. He can also use the tops to summon dead Imagins. The whip can be used to control the tops as well as to attack enemies. When using the Yuuki Belt, Shirou can henshins into Kamen Rider Yuuki Hijack Form. Hijack Form overpowers Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form and Liner Form until Kamen Rider New Den-O arrives to assist, and defeats Hijack Form with the combined powers of the three Riders. As Sora begs Shirou to let go of the past, Shirou finally accepts his fate and dies in peace in her arms, joining the realm of dead in the Phantom Train.

  • How can time turn inside out? (Theory from a forum member):
When a normal person's ancestors are killed in the past, that person will simply disappeared from time. It would not create a paradox that turns time inside out. But because Ryoutarou is a Singular Point, anything that happens in the past cannot affect his existence in the future. And since he is a Singular Point from the future, killing his own ancestors will cause great confusion in the timeline. When a distorted timeline tries to repair itself from Ryoutarou's memory, the future (and everyone he remembers) will be restored and continue to exist.
So in a way, that time would both exist and not exist at the same time. That's where the living and the dead swapping would happen. Time would try to fix what it saw as wrong, because while Ryoutarou is alive, because his ancestors were killed he should be dead. In trying to correct itself according to Ryoutarou, the living will become the dead and the dead will become the living.

Ghost Imagin


Voice Actor: Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史 / Suit Actor: Yokoyama Kazutoshi 横山一敏

Ghost Imagin is one of the followers of Shirou and abducted Nogami Ryoutarou under Shirou's orders. He possessed Ryoutarou and took control of his body, turning into G-Ryoutarou. With the Yuuki Belt G-Ryoutarou can henshins into Kamen Rider Yuuki Skull Form. Ghost Imagin likes to fight, and doesn't seem to care when his comrade Imagins are destroyed by Kamen Rider New Den-O. When fighting in Skull Form he uses Ryoutarou as a shield so the others cannot attack, and manages to deal severe damage to Kamen Rider Zeronos and corners the Den-O Imagins several times. Eventually, Momotaros is able to help Ryoutarou regain control and expel Ghost Imagin from Ryoutarou by taking a fatal blow from Skull Form. Ghost Imagin is destroyed by Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form.

  • Ghost Imagin: Ghost Imagin is a green skeleton wearing a black cape. It is unclear which legend or fairy tale his design motif is based on and whether he has a contract holder or not.
  • G-Ryoutarou: In this form Ryoutarou's eyes are in light golden color. His hair also turns light gold with bits of green highlights.

Kamen Rider Yuuki


Suit Actor: Yokoyama Kazutoshi 横山一敏

The design of Kamen Rider Yuuki is based on a killer whale and pirate motif. Both the shoulders and the chest armor have the design of a killer whale's mouth while the helmet's design is based on a pirate captain hat. The armor is aged, rusted and battle-wearied, keeping with its overall theme of death.

Skull Form

  • Armor: Look exactly the same as Hijack Form, except the armor's main colors are black and silver, and there is a skull head figure at the helmet's forehead.
  • Weapon: Ghost Imagin's Sword. Although Skull Form has the SavageGasher hoisted on the belt, Ghost Imagin prefers to use his own sword.
  • Finisher Charge: Full Charge (sounds the same as Kamen Rider New Den-O's belt)
  • Finisher:
  1. Swipe the Rider Pass over of the belt
  2. The belt will generate a blue will-o'-wisp flame that charges into Ghost Imagin's Sword
  3. Skull Form can then unleash a powerful slash that is capable of taking down Kamen Rider Zeronos and five Imagins

Hijack Form

  • Armor: Look exactly the same as Skull Form, except the armor's main colors are black and red.
  • Weapons:
  1. Whipping tops: Shirou's own weapon. The whip is used to control the tops. The tops are actually powerful bombs, and they can also use the tops to summon dead Imagins.
  2. SavageGasher Sword Mode: Similar to DenGasher Sword Mode, but with two axe blades as the crossguard.
  • Finisher: In theory Hijack Form is can use the same finishing attack as Skull Form, but he never use any finishing attack in the movie.

Phantom Train

幽霊列車 (Yūrei Ressha)

The Phantom Train is a steam locomotive that run through time for the dead. Its first car is made of a large skull head. As the Phantom Train begins to appear in the living world (possibly searching for Nogami Ryoutarou), urban legends starts to spread around the city about a train that holds dead passengers and with a ghostly female singing voice coming from inside. When in the living world it is a translucent train that can run through concrete objects. Unlike other time-traveling trains, it doesn't seem to have any weapons that can be used for combat.


  • Shirou (死郎 Shi Rō) basically means "dead person" in Japanese.
  • At the time of the theatrical release, Ryoutarou possessed by Ghost Imagin is advertised as A-Ryoutarou ("A" stands for "Another"). Later, in a data file in the Director's Cut DVD and the "Kamen Rider Official Data File" magazine, this form is refer to as G-Ryoutarou ("G" stands for "Ghost").
  • Although the kanji of the Rider's name Yuuki (幽汽 Yūki) and Shirou's actor's name Matsumura Yuuki (松村雄基 Matsumura Yūki) are different, they are pronounced the same way in Japanese.