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35th Anniversary Rider series / 7th Heisei Rider series
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Kamen Rider Kabuto was full of notable quotes. The famous being the "Grandmother said this..." quotes by Tendou Souji.

"Grandmother said this..."

Throughout the series, the titular character, Tendou Souji, quotes his Grandmother in different situations. His little sister, Tendou Juka, has a few quotes too.

(Episode 01)

  • Grandmother said this... "Walking the Path of Heaven, the Man who will Rule Everything... My name is Tendou Souji."
おばあちゃんはこう言ってた。天の道を行き、総てを司る男… 俺の名は天道総司。

(Episode 03)

  • Grandmother said this... "Make the world revolve around you. It's a lot more fun to think that way."

(Episode 04)

  • Grandmother said this... "If you're going to eat it anyway... then first, eat the best one first!" (Tendou Juka)
  • Grandmother said this... "As people love each other they become weak. However, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Because that's not true weakness. Only those who know true weakness, truely become stronger.
  • Grandmother said this... "People become strong through adventures." (End credits)

(Episode 05)

  • Grandmother said this... "Flowers can make any girls glow. I feel the same way."

(Episode 06)

  • Grandmother said this... "When not close by, one is even closer." (Tendou Juka)
  • Grandmother said this... "If you are going to adventure, make it a big adventure." (End credits)

(Episode 07)

  • Grandmother said this... "Chase two hares, catch two hares." (Tv-Nihon Subs this part as "two birds")

(Episode 08)

  • Grandmother said this... "Thou will, Walk the Path of Heaven, and Rule everything."

(Episode 09)

  • Grandmother said this... "Sickness occurs because of food. The words "to eat" is written as "people getting better."

(Episode 10)

  • Grandmother said this... "Friendship is written using "friends" and "naive." If you're naive, then you're naive. There is no point to this unless you're seriously fighting."

(Episode 11)

  • Grandmother said this... "Each meal only happens once in your life. So make each and everyone important."

(Episode 12)

  • Grandmother said this... "All girls are equally beautiful."

(Episode 13)

  • Grandmother said this... "There are two things a man should never do. One to never make girls cry, the other to not handle food so crudely."

(Episode 14)

  • Grandmother said this... "A truly famous store does not hand out advertisements."

(Episode 15)

  • Grandmother said this... "A battle is fought from the stomach. Put the energy from your stomach into it!"

(Episode 16)

  • Grandmother said this... "A battle is fought from the stomach. Put the energy from your stomach into it!"
  • Grandmother said this... "Work is as sticky as natto."
  • Grandmother said this... "Even the Devil's Whisper can sometimes be heard like the voice of an Angel."

(Episode 17)

  • Grandmother said this... "Immature Fruit is sour, producing immature fights."

(Episode 18)

  • Grandmother said this... "During meals an angel descends. For it is a sacred time."
  • Grandmother said this... "Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world, is to hurt those treasures!"

(Episode 19)

  • Grandmother said this... "People who steal things, lose something even more important."

(Episode 20)

  • Grandmother said this... "Men must be cool. Boiling water is but vapor."

(Episode 21)

  • Grandmother said this... "When you know the real thing, you won't be fooled by an imposted."

(Episode 22)

  • Grandmother said this... "It's fun to add a secret flavor so no one knows. But, it's more fun to find it."

(Episode 23)

  • Grandmother said this... "It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy is the time spent waiting for it."

(Episode 24)

  • Grandmother said this... "Delicious cooking is alive. You must be nonchalant about it."
  • Grandmother said this... "No matter what condiment, no matter what ingredient... there is something greater. And that is the love of the person creating the food."

(Episode 25)

  • Grandmother said this... "There are no bad restaurants or evil-doers who prosper."

(Episode 27)

  • Grandmother said this... "With strength as a goal, I will become even stronger. Whenever, wherever." (End credits)

(Episode 28)

  • Grandmother said this... "Fancy food does not taste good. No matter what truth you try to hide, you cannot hide it."

(Episode 29)

  • Grandmother said this... "A knife in hand can only make people happy through cooking."

(Episode 30)

  • Grandmother said this... "One that drowns in oneself, will eventually fall to the darkness. In this match, victory goes to me."

(Episode 32)

  • Grandmother said this... "Even if the world were full of enemies, there is someone you must protect."

(Episode 33)

  • Grandmother said this... "A cuisine's flavor is decided by preparation and performance. It's the same with battle."

(Episode 34)

  • Grandmother said this... "If you receive a little kindness, give them a large serving." (Tendou Juka)

(Episode 35)

  • Grandmother said this... "Life is a long path to a goal. Drop your heavy luggage and enjoy walking with your hands empty."

(Episode 37)

  • You guys take my strength lightly. Grandmother said this... "My evolution is faster than light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution."

(Episode 38)

  • Grandmother said this... "My evolution is faster than light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution."
  • Grandmother said this... "The wishes of children are the future reality. Adults that laugh at such dreams are no longer humans."
  • Grandmother said this... "A bond is a deep connection that cannot be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are connected."

(Episode 40)

  • Grandmother said this... "Men and Women sometimes cause a chemical reaction. Whatever comes of it is not to be laughed at."
Note: Tendou whispers

(Episode 41)

  • Grandmother said this... "People walk on the path of people. And that which opens the path is the Path of Heaven."

(Episode 43)

  • Grandmother said this... "I am the center of the world. So, I will save the world."

(Episode 47)

  • Grandmother said this... "Truly delicious food will change the life of the one who eats it."
  • Grandmother said this... "The sun is wonderful, it can make even the dirt shine."

(Episode 48)

  • Grandmother said this... "Cooking spreads from one person to another. The flavor connects one person to another." (Tendou Juka)
  • Rubbish. Grandmother said this... "Justice is myself. I am Justice."

(Episode 49)

  • Grandmother said this... "In this world, there is just one name you should remember. Walking the Path of Heaven, the Man who will rule Everything. Tendou Souji."
  • Grandmother said this... "I walk the Path of Heaven, the Man who will Rule Everything... Tendou Souji."
おばあちゃんは言っていた。俺行き天の道を、総てを司る男… 天道総司。


  • Grandmother said this... "I walk the Path of Heaven, the Man who will Rule Everything... Tendou Souji."
おばあちゃんは言っていた。俺行き天の道を、総てを司る男… 天道総司。
  • Grandmother said this... "The strong are saved. The weak crumble."
  • Grandmother said this... "Turn the tea bag inside out when the food is extremely bad."

(Kamen Rider Decade 16)

  • Grandmother said this... "True talent is rare. But a person who recognizes that is even more rare." (Mayu)

(Kamen Rider Decade 17)

  • Grandmother said this... "Looking isn't enough to know the broth's flavor." Don't be deceived by appearances. (Kadoya Tsukasa)

"Jiiya said this..."

Kamishiro Tsurugi uses Jiiya to quote in different situations.

(Episode 20)

  • Jiiya said this... "Men are fiery. If the spark isn't lit early, they’ll never rise to be a firework."
じいやは言っていた。男は燃えるもの… 火薬に火を点けなければ花火は上がらない。

(Episode 24)

  • Jiiya said this... "A noble deed must be nobly returned."

(Episode 31)

  • Jiiya said this... "There is no greater wealth than friendship."

Tendou's Words

As seen in the last episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto, Tendou Souji, separate from his Grandmother's quote, tells Kagami Arata his one quote that belongs only to him to show that Tendou now considers Kagami a friend

天道:「一度しか言わないぞ…同じ道をゆくのは、只の仲間に過ぎない……別々の道を共に立ってゆけるのは」 加賀美:「友達だ。それは……お婆ちゃんの言葉か?」 天道:「いや……俺の言葉だ」


Tendou: "I won't say this more than once, those walking the same path do not surpass being simply comrades. Those who are able to come and stand together, having walked separate paths are..."

Kagami: "Friends. Are... those your grandmother's words?

Tendou: "No...these are my words."

Translation Note: The Kanji used to write friend are:友 and 達. Meaning "friend" and "arrive" respectively.

Other Quotes

(Episode 01)

  • "Grandmother was right. If I wish so, fate will always be on my side."

(Episode 24)

  • "Delicious food must be delicate. You must use the best ingredients in a dazzling fashion." (Kamishiro Tsurugi)

(Kamen Rider Decade 16)

  • "In the world, there are two things that you must not readily swallow. What is said on TV and New Year's omochi." (Grandmother)
  • "Don't ask pointless things. Food is the most delicious the moment it comes out." (Grandmother)

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