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Suit actor: Oshikawa Yoshifumi

The third Rider in Kamen Rider Agito.

Gills' source of power comes from biological means, in comparison to Agito's mystical origins and G3's man-made technological design.

Alternate Identity

Ashihara Ryou

One of the main characters in Kamen Rider Agito and Gills' human identity.

Ashikawa Shouichi

The World of Agito counterpart of Tsugami Shouichi in Eps 12-13 of Kamen Rider Decade.
He assumed the form of Exceed Gills for some time after abandoning his status as Kamen Rider G3-X.
Returned to the G3 unit after teaming up with Kadoya Tsukasa and Onodera Yuusuke, as Kamen Rider Agito.


Kamen Rider Gills


Kamen Rider Gills Data & Statistics Description
KR Gills stand.png
First appearance: Ep 06
Height - 200cm
Weight - 100kg
Punch force - 10t
Kick force - 20t
Sturdiness - Defense 5
Jump force - 30m
Top speed - 100m/5s
  • Gills' default form.
  • Transformed using the Metafactor, Gills' transformation belt.
  • Has a ferocious attack style with his fangs and claws.
  • Finishing move is Gills Heel Claw.

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Exceed Gills


Exceed Gills Data & Statistics Description
KR Exceed Gills stand.png
First appearance:
Height - 200cm
Weight - 100kg
Punch force - 15t
Kick force - 30t
Sturdiness - Defense 7
Jump force - 65m
Top speed - 100m/4.2s
  • Gills' final form.
  • Power is strengthened by the Wiseman's Monolith emblem on
Exceed Gills' chest.
  • Gains red blades on his wrists called Gills Claws.
  • Gills Stingers are tentacles on Exceed Gills' back that can
be used as whips against enemies.
  • Finishing move is Exceed Heel Claw.
  • Finishing move can be further enhanced to
Double Exceed Heel Claw.

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Gills Raider


Gills Raider Gills Description
Gills Raider.png Gills Raider 02.jpg
  • Gills Raider is Kamen Rider Gills' motorcycle themed after him.
  • Transformed from an ordinary motorcycle via activation of the
  • Can traverse through difficult areas outside of ordinary roads.
  • Can repair itself from damages via Gills' cells.
  • Operates by Gills' will.

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