Kamen Rider G3

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Suit actor: Ito Makoto

The secondary Rider in Kamen Rider Agito.

Modeled after Number 4, G3's suit and equipment were designed by the genius Ozawa Sumiko to combat the Unknown.
Despite the appearances of Unknown Lifeforms having slowed down, the G3 Project was completed and added to the active police force.

Kamen Rider G3


Kamen Rider G3 Data & Statistics Description
KR G3 stand.png
First appearance: Ep 01
Height - 192cm
Weight - 150kg
Punch force - ~1t
Kick force - ~3t
Solidity - 8
Running force - 100m/10s
Jump force - 10m
  • Also known as GENERATION-3.
  • While initially near useless against the Unknown, with a few modifications and upgrades,
the G3 System was eventually able to take down Unknown without Agito's help.

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Kamen Rider G3-X


Kamen Rider G3-X Data & Statistics Description
KR G3-X stand.png
First appearance - Ep 23
Height - 192cm
Weight - 176kg
Punch force - ~2.5t
Kick force - ~7.5t
Solidity - 10
Running force - 100m/8s
Jump force - 20m
  • Also known as GENERATION-3 eXtension.
  • While not necessarily a powered up version, it is an upgraded model of the
G3 System and shares the same default user.
  • His belt shows his current energy level. The helmet portion contains a camera.

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Kamen Rider G4

See the movie article for the information on G4

Kamen Rider G3 Mild


Kamen Rider G3 Mild Data & Statistics Description
KR G3 Mild stand.png
First appearance: Agito Special
Height - 185cm
Weight - 125kg
Punch force - ~1t
Kick force - ~2t
Running force - 100m/13.5s
Jump force - 5m
  • Also known as GENERATION-3 Mild.
  • Exclusive to Takahiro Omuro in the Agito Special.
  • The original G3 System remodeled with an auto-fit function.
  • Made to be easier to use so that anyone can use it.
  • As a paragon of averageness, Omuro was chosen to be the test equipper for the suit.
  • Where it says G3-X on the left shoulder of the G3-X suit, the G3 Mild says 00.

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G3's Arsenal


GM-01 G3's Handgun


G Trailer

Manager: Ozawa Sumiko, the designer for the G3 System.

Operator: Omuro Takahiro

Since the G3 System is essentially a power armor, Hikawa does not transform like most other Riders nor does he ever shout "Henshin". In fact, he gets the suit put on him manually within the G Trailer. When he's done equipping the armor, he is launched out the back of the G Trailer on his bike, Guard Chaser. (Sort of like Captain America when leaving his van in the TV movies.)

When in battle, G3 is always in contact with the G Trailer. The support staff gives orders and assistance, as well as activating G3's various weaponry for him.

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