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Voiced by: Kimura Subaru

Vice is one of the two main protagonists of Kamen Rider Revice.


Vice is a demon born from Ikki's desire to protect others and Ikki's partner.
As a demon, Vice usually comes off as immature and mischeievous in contrast to his partner's mature and selfless personality.
Initially willing to go as far as devouring the souls of humans, Ikki's supervision of Vice keeps him grounded.
As Ikki and Vice's bond grow throughout the series, Vice dedicates himself to preserve his relationship with Ikki.
Forms a contract with Ikki at the start of the series to transform into Kamen Rider Vice.

Kamen Rider Vice


Stunt actor: Eitoku

Through Ikki's use of the Revice Driver, he and Vice transform into the duo team called Kamen Rider Revice.
As one half of Revice, Ikki assumes the form of Kamen Rider Revi, while Vice transforms into the other half, Kamen Rider Vice.
Genomes are forms based on various insects, animals, and prehistoric creatures. They are designed after Legend Riders.
Revice transform and Genome Change simultaneously through Ikki's usage of the Revice Driver.

Rex Genome


KR Vice Rex Genome stand.png Rex Vistamp.png Revice Rex.png

First appearance: Super Hero Senki (cameo) / Saber 48 & Ep 01 (TV debut)

Height 199.8cm Weight 92.2kg
Punch power 8.5t Kick power 29.9t
Jump power 29.6m 100m Dash 3.7s

Based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Accessed with the Rex Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Vice's default form. Retains this form alongside Revi (Barid Rex Genome).
As a devil, Vice shoots fire from his mouth.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Rex Stamping Finish (レックススタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
  • Revice Rex (リバイスレックス) - Combines with Revi (Rex Genome) to form a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
TV Asahi site

Eagle Genome


KR Vice Eagle Genome stand.png Eagle Vistamp.png Revice Eagle.png

First appearance: Ep 02

Height 200.0cm Weight 84.3kg
Punch power 7.2t Kick power 22.3t
Jump power 56.1m 100m Dash 5.1s

Based on an eagle and Kamen Rider W (CycloneJoker).
Accessed with the Eagle Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Can dish out strong gusts of wind.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Eagle Stamping Finish (イーグルスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
  • Revice Eagle (リバイスイーグル) - Combines with Revi (Eagle Genome) to form a giant eagle.
TV Asahi site

Mammoth Genome


KR Vice Mammoth Genome stand.png Mammoth Vistamp.png Revice Mammoth.png

First appearance: Ep 03

Height 197.5cm Weight 105.8kg
Punch power 12.9t Kick power 33.3t
Jump power 16.9m 100m Dash 4.3s

Based on a mammoth and Kamen Rider Den-O (Sword Form).
Accessed with the Mammoth Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Armed with Glacier Shields for defense.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Mammoth Stamping Finish (マンモススタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Ptera Genome


KR Vice Ptera Genome stand.png Ptera Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 04

Height 175.1cm Weight 93.6kg
限界高度 150.0m Max Speed 210.0km/h

Based on a pterodactyl, a hoverbike, and Kamen Rider Faiz.
Accessed with the Ptera Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Appears as a hovercraft for Revi (Ptera Genome) to ride.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Ptera Stamping Finish (プテラスタンピングフィニッシュ)
TV Asahi site

Lion Genome


KR Vice Lion Genome stand.png Lion Vistamp.png Revice Lion.png

First appearance: Ep 05

Height 198.1cm Weight 89.9kg
Punch power 12.1t Kick power 28.7t
Jump power 23.2m 100m Dash 3.0s

Based on a lion and Kamen Rider Kuuga (Mighty Form).
Accessed with the Lion Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Performs fiery attacks, similar to Kuuga Mighty Form.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Lion Stamping Finish (ライオンスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Megalodon Genome


KR Vice Megalodon Genome stand.png Megalodon Vistamp.png Revice Megalodon.png

First appearance: Ep 06

Height 206.5cm Weight 88.7kg
Punch power 9.7t Kick power 26.8t
Jump power 37.8m 100m Dash 4.7s

Based on a megalodon and Kamen Rider Decade.
Accessed with the Megalodon Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Swims waters with incredible speed.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Megalodon Stamping Finish (メガロドンスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Jackal Genome


KR Vice Jackal Genome stand.png Jackal Vistamp.png Revice Jackal.png

First appearance: Ep 07

Length 91.4cm Weight 3.6kg

Based on a jackal, a skateboard, and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Action Gamer Level 2).
Accessed with the Jackal Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Instead of a humanoid form, Vice is turned into a skateboard (a possible nod to Shakariki Sports).

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Jackal Stamping Finish (ジャッカルスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Kong Genome


KR Vice Kong Genome stand.png Kong Vistamp.png Revice Kong.png

First appearance: Ep 08

Height 207.3cm Weight 121.5kg
Punch power 20.1t Kick power 17.9t
Jump power 20.1m 100m Dash 4.1s

Based on a gorilla and Kamen Rider Fourze (Base States).
Accessed with the Kong Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Armed with the massive Kong Geno Bracer for punching power. Shoots at targets, like a rocket.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Kong Stamping Finish (コングスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Kamakiri Genome


KR Vice Kamakiri Genome stand.png Kamakiri Vistamp.png Revice Kamakiri.png

First appearance: Ep 09

Height 207.6cm Weight 97.2kg
Punch power 14.0t Kick power 15.7t
Jump power 22.5m 100m Dash 3.8s

Based on a mantis and Kamen Rider Gaim (Orange Arms).
Accessed with the Kamakiri Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Kamakiri Stamping Finish (カマキリスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Brachio Genome


KR Vice Brachio Genome stand.png Brachio Vistamp.png Revice Brachio.png

First appearance: Ep 10

Height 209.1cm Weight 127.3kg
Punch power 16.9t Kick power 41.6t
Jump power 15.9m 100m Dash 5.4s

Based on a Brachiosaurus and Kamen Rider Zi-O.
Accessed with the Brachio Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Armed with the massive Brachio Geno Bracer for punching power.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Brachio Stamping Finish (ブラキオスタンピングフィニッシュ)
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
TV Asahi site

Neo Batta Genome


KR Vice Neo Batta Genome stand.png Neo Batta Vistamp.png

First appearance: BEYOND GENERATIONS (movie debut) / Ep 22 (TV debut)

Height 202.0cm Weight 81.3kg
Punch power 8.3t Kick power 39.7t
Jump power 71.1m 100m Dash 3.9s

Based on a Milkweed grasshopper and Kamen Rider Zero-One (Rising Hopper).
Accessed with the Neo Batta Vistamp on Revi's Revice Driver.
Performs high jumps and acrobatic movements, similar to Zero-One Rising Hopper.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Neo Batta Stamping Finish (ネオバッタスタンピングフィニッシュ) - Rider Kick, similar to Zero-One's Rising Impact.
  • Remix via Revice Driver:
  • Revice Neo Batta (リバイスネオバッタ) - Combines with Revi (Neo Batta Genome) to form a Milkweed grasshopper.
TV Asahi site

Barid Rex Genome


KR Vice Barid Rex Genome stand.png Volcano Vistamp.pngBarid Rex Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 17

Height 199.8cm Weight 126.3kg
Punch power 31.8t Kick power 58.2t
Jump power 59.6m 100m Dash 2.4s

Based on an Tyrannosaurus Rex, an egg, and ice.
Accessed with the Volcano and Barid Rex Vistamps on Revi's Revice Driver.
Vice's upgrade form, alongside Revi (Volcano Rex Genome).
Uses ice attacks and retains the Barid Shield.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • BariBari BoruBoru Finish (バリバリボルボルフィニッシュ)
  • Volcano Festival (ボルケーノフェスティバル)

TV Asahi site

Kamen Rider Jack Revice


KR Jack Revice stand.png Rolling Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 23

Height 204.4cm Weight 94.8kg
Punch power 58.4t Kick power 117.3t
Jump power 85.1m 100m Dash 1.4s

Based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and ink.
Jack Revice is the super form for Kamen Rider Revice, accessed by inserting the Rolling Vistamp into the Revice Driver.
Jack Revice can be accessed either by Ikki or Vice.
Vice takes over Ikki's body after they transform into Jack Revice.
Has a power increase in combat and can move around to different positions after submerging into puddles of ink.
Uses the Rolling Vistamp as the default weapon.

TV Asahi site

Kamen Rider Revice


KR Revice stand.png Thunder Gale Vistamp.png

First appearance: Ep 28

Height 204.3cm Weight 98.9kg
Punch power 69.8t Kick power 136.3t
Jump power 88.4m 100m Dash 1.2s

Based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and lightning.
Kamen Rider Revice is Revi and Vice's combined super form and a step-up to Jack Revice.
Accessed by inserting the Thunder Gale Vistamp into the Revice Driver.
This form restores Ikki and Vice back to their normal places after dealing with the effects of transforming into Jack Revice.
Kamen Rider Revice uses lightning and wind-powered attacks and moves at high speed while in battle.
Combining Thunder Gale with another Vistamp allows Revice to execute strengthened attacks.
Additionally, they can separate Phase 3 Deadmans from their hosts.

TV Asahi site

Kamen Rider Ultimate Vice


KR Ultimate Vice stand.png Giffard Rex Vistamp.png

Ultimate Up! Kamen Rider~! Revi! Vice! Let's go! Come on! Giffard, Giffard Rex!
First appearance: Ep 38

Height 201.0cm Weight 103.6kg
Punch power 81.6t Kick power 287.0t
Jump power 284.2m 100m Dash 0.7s

Based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and magnetism. Possible reference to the Double Riders.
Accessed by inserting one-half of the Giffard Rex Vistamp into the Revice Driver.
Vice's final form alongside Ultimate Revi. Together, they go by the name of Ultimate Revice.
Jumps very high, delivers strong hits, and duplicates himself with Ultimate Revi.
Combat power is amplified by a magnetic force that pushes enemies back.

  • Finisher(s) via Revice Driver:
  • Vice Giffard Finish (バイスギファードフィニッシュ) - An intensive spinning Rider Kick.

TV Asahi site