Kamen Rider Faiz

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Kamen Rider Faiz
Japanese 仮面ライダー555
Actor Takaiwa Seiji (Suit actor)
Alt identity Inui Takumi
Series Kamen Rider 555
First appearance Kamen Rider Faiz 01
Allegiance Humanity


Suit actor: Takaiwa Seiji

Kamen Rider Faiz is the main protagonist and Rider of the Kamen Rider 555 series.

His motif is the Greek letter Phi. According to the Decade Net Movies, his head resembles a shark with the triangular shaped teeth and two fins on the top forehead of the mask.

Faiz Gear

The Faiz Gear only operates on humans with genetically implanted Orphenoch solution or Orphenoch. If a human were to wear the belt without qualifying, the phone will bring up the message "ERROR" and reject the user. The Faiz Gear resembles everyday pieces of electronic equipment. They are activated by using the Faiz Mission Memory.


The Faiz belt was originally created by the series' antagonist corporation, Smart Brain, to protect the Orphenoch King.


Accel Form

The official material spell this form as Axel. This is according to the TV-Asahi webpage and various other places. However, it is obviously a mistake since it doesn't make sense. The spelling is corrected in the ending song of the Paradise Lost movie, "Justiφ's -Accel Mix-".

Accel form is Faiz's first alternative form. To achieve this form, Faiz must be wearing the Accel Watch and exchange the Accel Mission Memory with the Faiz Mission Memory on the front of the phone. Faiz will then transform into his Accel Form. When in this form, Faiz Accel moves 1000 times faster than normal mode. He can only stay in this form for ten seconds though.

Blaster Form

Faiz's final form. To achieve this form, Faiz must enter the "555" code on the Faiz Blaster and plug in the Faiz Phone into the weapon itself.


Faiz Driver
  • The belt for Faiz to equip weapons.
Faiz Mission Memory
  • A chip that activates Faiz's weapons.
Faiz Phone
  • A phone that mostly functions Faiz's weapons such as pressing the "Enter" button to execute a finisher.
Faiz Pointer
  • A weapon that allows Faiz to execute a Rider Kick finisher.
Faiz Shot
  • A weapon that allows Faiz to execute a Rider Punch finisher.
Accel Watch
  • A watch that allows Faiz to transform into Accel Form.
Faiz Blaster
  • A weapon that allows Faiz to transform into Blaster Form.