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Portrayed by: Namiki Ayaka
First appearance: Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20

An antagonist in Kamen Rider Geats.

Beroba is a 350-year-old woman who hails from a distant future. She is a sponsor of the Jamato.

Beroba enjoys watching the suffering of others. She also supports Azuma Michinaga because of his drive to crush every Kamen Rider.
She cooperates with Archimedel, Michinaga, and Isuzu Daichi to overthrow the Desire Grand Prix with the JGP (Jamato Grand Prix).

Beroba uses the Laser Raise Riser to transform into Kamen Rider Beroba.

In pursuit of the Goddess of Creation, Beroba steals the Vision Driver from Chirami, which she temporarily used to transform into Kamen Rider Glare2.

After Tycoon was killed by Buffa, Kekera cooperates with Beroba to have Keiwa revived, under the condition that Keiwa suffers from painful experiences.
Although Sueru initiated the Grand End, Beroba obtained her wish from the Goddess of Creation, allowing her to exist in the world until she sees the breaking point of Michinaga's despair.

After Buffa defeated Beroba in a final fight between them, Beroba was erased from existence.

Kamen Rider Beroba


Stunt actor:

Uses the Laser Raise Riser to transform into Kamen Rider Beroba.
Beroba is based on a bull.

Berobastand.png Item laser raise riser basic.png

First appearance: Ep 24

Height 1108.1cm Weight 17561.6kg
Punch power 36.6t Kick power 66.4t
Jump power 59.8m (one jump) 100m Dash 5.1 seconds (100m)

Accessed with the Beroba Raise Riser Card set in the Laser Raise Riser.

  • Finisher via Laser Raise Riser:
  • Laser Victory (レーザービクトリー) - Fires a blast powerful enough to annihilate an entire world.

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Kamen Rider Glare2 (Beroba)

仮面ライダーグレア2 (ベロバ)

Stunt actor:

Scans the Providence Card through the Vision Driver to transform.
Hence the name, Glare2 is an upgraded version of Kamen Rider Glare.

Glare2 berobastand.png Item visiondriver basic.png

First appearance: Ep 27

Height 202.8cm Weight 69.1kg
Punch power 38.8t Kick power 70.4t
Jump power 91.4m (one jump) 100m Dash 2.2 seconds (100m)

Uses the Remote Control function to spawn mind-controlled Riders into battle.
Deploys Hypnolei from her armor as projectiles that attack as they levitate.

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Premium Beroba


Premium berobastand.png Item laser raise riser basic.png

First appearance: Ep 42

  • Height: 211.0cm
  • Weight: 98.7kg
  • Characteristics/Strengths: Fighting/Super endurance

Accessed with the Black Raise Riser Card (Beroba) set in the Laser Raise Riser.

  • This Raise Riser Card is exclusive to DesiGra Premium members.

Premium Beroba's powers are on par with the DGP management staff.
Can freely engage in battles with minimal risk for participating in DesiGra games as a guest.

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  • Kyuun, Beroba, and Kekera are the only Riders in the series who do not have humanoid Rider forms.
  • Standing at a height of 1,108.1cm, Kamen Rider Beroba towers over the Rider forms of Kekera and Kyuun.
    • Because of her gigantic size, Beroba's Rider form has a weight of 17,561.6kg, which makes her the heaviest Rider in the Kamen Rider franchise overall.
  • According to Azuma Michinaga in episode 42, Premium Beroba and Premium Kekera are not identified as Kamen Riders, due to their kaijin-like appearances.