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Portrayed by: Oshinari Shugo
First appearance: Kamen Rider Geats Episode 1
Game Master (episodes 1-16)

An ally in Kamen Rider Geats. Temporarily an antagonist until episode 16.

Girori is a concierge of the Desire Grand Prix. He provides hospitality for the Kamen Riders at the Temple of Desire.

Girori secretly operates the DGP as the Game Master. He oversees and sets the rules of each game. He wears a mask and cloak to conceal his identity from the Riders. The Desire Grand Prix's staff are the only ones aware of his identity as the Game Master, notably Tsumuri and Hareruya Win.

Becoming frustrated with Ukiyo Ace's winning streak and his attempts to get closer to the staff, Girori increases the difficulty of each game, as attempts to stop Ace from uncovering the secrets behind the Desire Grand Prix. He assigned Win the task of outcompeting Ace.

As punishment for attempting to have Ace dropped out of the DGP, Girori was erased from existence by the DGP's Producer.

By unknown means, Girori was among several Game Masters that were revived for the final DGP initiated by Sueru.
Having learned about Ace's strive towards creating a world of happiness and fair play, Girori helps Ace infiltrate Sueru's location to confront the latter.

Kamen Rider Glare


Suit actor:

Scans the Providence Card through the Vision Driver to transform.
Glare is named after the word glare, an expression of a hostile look through the eyes.

Glarestand.png Item visiondriver basic.png

First appearance: Ep 14

Height 210.0cm Weight 84.8kg
Punch power 32.2t Kick power 64.4t
Jump power 83.5m (one jump) 100m Dash 2.3 seconds (100m)

Deploys Hypnolei sphere-like armor parts to mind-control other Riders.
Hypnolei also function as levitating projectiles that fire lasers or block attacks.

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