Kamen Rider Nigou

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Kamen Rider No. 2 仮面ライダ-2号 AKA Hopper 2

His nicnkame is "Nigou of Power".

Human Form

Ichimonji Hayato 一文字隼人

Played by Sasaki Takeshi

Played by Takano Hassei in the Kamen Rider The First movies

How to Differentiate from Kamen Rider Ichigou

  • In the remake movies, Ichigou's helmet had a blue tint while Nigou's had a green tint.
  • Unintuitively, Ichigou has two stripes on the side. Nigou has one.
  • Nigou is also the one who has red gloves and boots.

Kamen Rider The First Version

Kamen Rider The Next Version

Voices in Later Series


  • In Kamen Rider Fourze there's a character named Daimonji Shun whose name is based on Ichimonji Hayato's name.