Kamen Rider Nigou

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Kamen Rider No. 2 仮面ライダ-2号 AKA Hopper 2

His nicnkame is "Nigou of Power".

Human Form

Ichimonji Hayato 一文字隼人

How to Differentiate from Kamen Rider Ichigou

  • In the remake movies, Ichigou's helmet had a blue tint while Nigou's had a green tint.
  • Unintuitively, Ichigou has two stripes on the side. Nigou has one.
  • Nigou is also the one who has red gloves and boots.

Kamen Rider THE FIRST Version

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Version

Shin Kamen Rider Version

Voices in Later Series


  • In Kamen Rider Fourze there's a character named Daimonji Shun whose name is based on Ichimonji Hayato's name.