Kamen Rider Knight

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Kamen Rider Knight
Japanese 仮面ライダーナイト
Actor Ito Makoto (Stunt actor)
Alt identity Akiyama Ren (Default)
Series Kamen Rider Ryuki
First appearance Kamen Rider Ryuki 01
Signature move Hishozan (Knight)
Shippudan (Knight Survive)
Motif Bat/Knight
Rival(s) Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kamen Rider Zolda
Kamen Rider Raia
Kamen Rider Ouja

Kamen Rider Knight is the secondary Rider in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Alternate Identity


Akiyama Ren


Akiyama Ren is the deuteragonist in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

He participates in the Rider Battle as Kamen Rider Knight. He fights to achieve his wish of saving his girlfriend Ogawa Eri, from a coma.

Despite being a loner with a standoffish personality, Ren looks after Yui and ensures her safety.

Ren is portrayed by Matsuda Satoshi.


Kido Shinji


Kido Shinji is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13RIDERS.

Upon finding Sakakibara Kouichi beaten by a Mirror Monster, Kouichi entrusted Shinji with his Card Deck, which Shinji uses to transform into Kamen Rider Ryuki.

After Ren dies in Shinji's arms, Shinji becomes the second Kamen Rider Knight. As Knight, Shinji carries on Ren's will to fight by taking on all of the Kamen Riders by himself (or destroys the Mirror World to end the Rider Battle, as depicted in the special's alternate ending).

Shinji is portrayed by Suga Takamasa.

Kamen Rider Knight


KR Knight stand.png CardKnightAdvent.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 01

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
195cm 95kg 200AP (10t) 300AP (15t) 35m (one jump) 100m/4.5s

Knight's default and balanced form after contracting with Darkwing.
Uses the Wing Lancer often as his weapon of choice.

Official Encyclopedia site

Kamen Rider Knight Survive


KR Knight Survive Form stand.png CardKnightSurvive.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 23

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
198cm 97kg 300AP (15t) 450AP (22.5t) 50m (one jump) 100m/4.2s

Knight's final form.
Accessed by inserting Survive Shippu into the DarkVisorZwei.
Wields the DarkVisorZwei, which consist of the Dark Blade and Dark Shield.
Transforms Darkwing into Darkraider via Final Vent (Knight Survive).

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A list of Cards used by Kamen Rider Knight.
Knight uses these cards with his DarkVisor to access weapons, summon Darkwing, and activate his Final Vent.

CardKnightAdvent.jpeg CardKnightSword.jpeg CardKnightTrick.jpeg CardKnightNasty.jpeg CardKnightGuard.jpeg CardKnightFinal.jpeg CardKnightSurvive.jpeg
Sword Vent
Trick Vent
Nasty Vent
Guard Vent
Final Vent
Survive Shippu
Attack: 4000 Attack: 2000 Attack: 1000 Attack: 1000 Guard: 3000 Attack: 5000 N/A
First appearance: Ep 01 First appearance: Ep 01 First appearance: Ep 03 First appearance: Ep 06 First appearance: First appearance: Ep 01 First appearance:
  • Darkwing - The Contract Monster of Knight, based on a bat. Summoned to assist Knight in battle.
  • Sword Vent - Summons the Wing Lancer (ウイングランサー).
  • Trick Vent - Spawns shadow clones of the user to confuse the enemy.
  • Nasty Vent - Makes an awful loud noise to hinder the enemy's hearing.
  • Guard Vent - Darkwing equips itself to Knight as a black cape to shield him from enemy attacks.
  • Final Vent - Executes the finisher, Dark Tornado (ダークトーネードー).
  • Survive - Converts the DarkVisor into the DarkVisorZwei (ダークバイザーツバイ). Evolves Knight into Knight Survive.
CardKnightSurviveAdvent.jpeg CardKnightSurviveSword.gif CardKnightTrick.jpeg CardKnightSurviveShoot.jpeg CardKnightSurviveBlust.jpeg CardKnightSurviveFinal.jpeg
Sword Vent
Trick Vent
Shoot Vent
Blust Vent
Final Vent
Attack: 6000 Attack: 4000 Attack: 1000 Attack: 3000 Attack: 2000 Attack: 8000
First appearance: First appearance: First appearance: First appearance First appearance: First appearance:
  • Darkraider - The evolved and final form of Darkwing. Summoned to assist Knight Survive in battle.
  • Sword Vent - Released from the DarkVisorZwei is the Dark Blade (ダークブレード).
  • Trick Vent - Spawns shadow clones of the user to confuse the enemy.
  • Shoot Vent - Crossbow function of the DarkVisorZwei known as the Dark Arrow (ダークアロー).
  • Blust Vent - Darkraider blows a strong gust of wind to blow away the enemy.
  • Final Vent - Transforms Darkraider into its motorcycle form. Crashes into enemies with incredible speed.

Post-Series Homages

Kamen Rider Zi-O