Kurama Kousei

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Portrayed by: Kasahara Shinji
First appearance: Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10

A character in Kamen Rider Geats.

Kurama Kousei is the head of the Kurama Zaibatsu and a sponsor of the Desire Grand Prix.

Kousei is the father of Kurama Neon and husband to Kurama Irumi.

In order to rescue Neon from Numabukuro Kazuo and Beroba, Kousei requests Ukiyo Ace to enter him into Ace's Desire Grand Prix.
Ace accepts Kousei's request and gives him a Desire Driver, which Kousei uses to transform into Kamen Rider Gyago.


  • Kurama Neon (Daughter)
  • Kurama Irumi (Wife)
  • Kurama Akari (Biological daughter, deceased) - Kousei and Irumi lost their biological daughter, Akari to a kidnapping incident that occurred 11 years prior to Neon's 19th birthday. After Akari was confirmed dead, Kousei made his wish to the Goddess of Creation for a new daughter (Neon) to take Akari's place, upon Kousei complying with the Producer to sponsor for the DGP.
  • Ben and John - Two bodyguards hired by Kousei and Irumi to surveillance Neon for her safety.

Kamen Rider Gyago


Stunt actor:

Uses the Desire Driver with Raise Buckles to transform.
Gyago is based on a bobcat.
Uses the Fantasy Buckle to access his power-up, Fantasy Form.

Fantasy Form


Gya-gofantasy formstand.png Buckle fantasy basic.png

First appearance: Ep 43

Height 204.0cm Weight 95.0kg
Punch power 31.2t Kick power 60.3t
Jump power 77.5m 100m Dash 2.4s
Fantasy Buckle is set in the Desire Driver's right slot.
Arsenal of various magic abilities.
  • Finisher(s) via Desire Driver:
  • Fantasy Strike (ファンタジーストライク) - Slashes the enemy with a composite claw.
  • Magic:
  • Summons composite weapons that function either as shields or blades.

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  • Because everyone in the Kurama family have names associated with light, the kanji in Kousei's name refers to "light holy" (光聖).

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