Kamen Rider Ryuki (Character)

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Kamen Rider Ryuki
Japanese 仮面ライダー龍騎
Actor Takaiwa Seiji (Stunt actor)
Alt identity Kido Shinji
Series Kamen Rider Ryuki
First appearance Kamen Rider Ryuki 01
Motif Dragon/Knight

The main and titular Rider of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Alternate Identity


Kido Shinji


Kido Shinji is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

A novice journalist for ORE Journal, Shinji came across a Card Deck in Sakakibara Kouichi's apartment while investigating a series of disappearances.
His investigation would then lead him into the Mirror World, where Mirror Monsters reside and Kamen Riders battle one another for one wish.
Shinji becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki with the Card Deck and works to stop the Rider War and the Mirror Monsters.

Shinji is portrayed by Suga Takamasa.


Sakakibara Kouichi


The man who fought as the first Kamen Rider Ryuki in the 13RIDERS special.
Before dying from a battle with a Mirror Monster, Kouichi passed Ryuki's Card Deck on to Kido Shinji.

Kouichi is portrayed by Wada Keiichi.

Kamen Rider Ryuki


Kamen Rider Ryuki


KR Ryuki stand.png CardRyukiAdvent.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 02

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
190cm 90kg 200AP (10t) 400AP (20t) 35m 100m/5s

Ryuki's default and balanced form after contracting with Dragreder.
Using Sword Vent summons the Drag Saber for Ryuki, which he often uses in his battles.

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Kamen Rider Ryuki (Blank)

仮面ライダー龍騎 (ブランク体)

KR Ryuki Blank Form stand.png

First appearance: Ep 01

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
190cm 90kg 50AP (2.5t) 100AP (5t) 10m 100m/8s

Ryuki's pre-default and weakest form before contracting with Dragreder.
Can summon a basic sword via Sword Vent, but it is easily breakable.

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Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive


KR Ryuki Survive Form stand.png CardRyukiSurvive.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 34

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
193cm 95kg 300AP (15t) 500AP (25t) 45m 100m/4.5s

Ryuki's final form.
Accessed by inserting Survive Rekka into the DragVisorZwei.
With Shoot Vent, Ryuki Survive fires powerful, fiery blasts at his opponents.
Transforms Dragreder into Dragranzer using Final Vent (Ryuki Survive).

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A list of Cards used by Kamen Rider Ryuki.
With the exception of Contract, Ryuki uses these cards with his DragVisor to access weapons, summon Dragreder, and activate his Final Vent.

CardRyukiAdvent.jpeg CardRyukiSword.jpeg CardRyukiStrike.jpeg CardRyukiGuard.jpeg CardRyukiFinal.jpeg CardRyukiSurvive.jpeg
Sword Vent
Strike Vent
Guard Vent
Final Vent
Survive Rekka
Attack: 5000 Attack: 2000 Attack: 2000 Guard: 2000 Attack: 6000 N/A
First appearance: Ep 02 First appearance: Ep 02 First appearance: Ep 03 First appearance: Ep 05 First appearance: Ep 02 First appearance: Ep 34
  • Dragreder - The Contract Monster of Ryuki, based on a red dragon. Summoned to assist Ryuki in battle.
  • Sword Vent - Summons the Drag Saber (ドラグセイバー).
  • Strike Vent - Summons the Drag Claw (ドラグクロー). Shoots fire and jab at enemies.
  • Guard Vent - Summons the dual Drag Shield (ドラグシールド).
  • Final Vent - Executes the finisher, Dragon Rider Kick (ドラゴンライダーキック).
  • Survive - Converts the DragVisor into the DragVisorZwei (ドラグバイザーツバイ). Evolves Ryuki into Ryuki Survive.
CardRyukiSurviveAdvent.jpeg CardRyukiSurviveSword.gif CardRyukiSurviveShoot.jpeg CardRyukiSurviveGuard.jpeg CardRyukiSurviveStrange.jpeg CardRyukiSurviveTrick.jpeg CardRyukiSurviveFinal.jpeg
Sword Vent
Shoot Vent
Guard Vent
Strange Vent
Trick Vent
Final Vent
Attack: 7000 Attack: 3000 Attack: 4000 Guard: 4000 N/A Attack: 2000 Attack: 9000
First appearance: First appearance: First appearance: First appearance First appearance: First appearance: First appearance:
  • Dragranzer - The evolved and final form of Dragreder. Summoned to assist Ryuki Survive in battle.
  • Sword Vent - Flips the Drag Blade (ドラグブレード) on the DragVisorZwei.
  • Shoot Vent - Enables Dragranzer's ability to shoot fire.
  • Guard Vent - Enables Dragranzer to block enemy attacks.
  • Strange Vent - Copies the ability of any card at random.
  • Trick Vent - Spawns shadow clones of the user to confuse the enemy.
  • Final Vent - Transforms Dragranzer into its motorcycle form. Crashes into enemies with incredible speed.
Cardcontract.jpg CardSword.jpeg
Sword Vent
N/A Attack: 300
First appearance: Ep 02 First appearance: Ep 01
  • Contract - A blank card used to form a contract with a Mirror Monster, turning it into a Contract Monster.
  • Sword Vent - Summons a flimsy sword. Used by Ryuki while in Blank form.

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