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Portrayed by: Togashi Eiji

Akamichi Ren is the Swordsman of Wind of the Sword of Logos.

A young and exceptional swordsman, Ren aims to become the strongest swordsman in the organization, as he believes justice is determined by strength.

Carries the shuriken-like Holy Blade, Wind Dual Blade Hayate.

Deeply admires Fukamiya Kento for his swordsmanship and views Kamiyama Touma as a rival.

Because of his expertise as a swordsman, Ren earns the interest of Desast, who demonstrates to be on par with his level of combat, based on the several times they encountered each other.

Using Hayate, Ren transforms into the Kamen Rider Kenzan, one of the many swordsman Riders in Kamen Rider Saber.

Kamen Rider Kenzan


Suit actor: Fujita Satoshi

Also known as the Swordsman of Wind, Kenzan is the default wielder of the Wind Dual Blade Hayate.
Transforms with Wonder Ride Books attached to Hayate before splitting the blade.
Kenzan is based on the folklore ninja, Sarutobi Sasuke. His element is Hayate (翠風) or swift wind.

Sarutobi Ninja Den


KR Kenzan Sarutobi Ninja Den stand.png Sarutobi Ninja Den Book.png

Hayate Scroll. Kouka Style Dual Blade strikes enemies at extreme speed.
First appearance: Ep 06

Height 200.3cm Weight 84.7kg
Punch power 8.8t Kick power 17.6t
Jump power 38.6m 100m Dash 3.7s
Sarutobi Ninja Den
Sarutobi Ninja Den is attached to Hayate before splitting the blade.
Slashes enemies with Hayate rapidly.
Performs somersaults and jumps above enemies.
  • Kenzan's default form.
  • Motif: Ninja / Sarutobi Sasuke / Wind
  • Element: Hayate
  • Finisher(s) via Hayate:
  • Whirlwind Sword Dance Revolution (疾風剣舞 回転) - Fires shuriken projections of Hayate. Executes a vertical spinning slash.
  • Whirlwind Sword Dance Double - Dashes and attacks enemies while circling around them, before executing a cross slash.
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Ninja Butasan


KR Kenzan Ninja Butasan stand.png Kobuta 3 Kyoudai Book.png

First appearance: Ep 08

Height 200.3cm Weight 91.2kg
Punch power 10.1t Kick power 21.4t
Jump power 40.7m 100m Dash 3.4s
Kobuta 3 Kyodai
Kobuta 3 Kyodai is attached to Hayate before splitting the blade.
Splits into 3 clones of himself to trick the enemy.
Armed with the Steppigwise shield (based on the houses in the story).
  • Motif: Ninja / Three Little Pigs / Wind
  • Element: Hayate
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Ninja Jackun


KR Kenzan Ninja Jackun stand.png Jackun-To-Domamenoki Book.png

First appearance: Ep 14

Height 200.3cm Weight 89.5kg
Punch power 9.6t Kick power 19.9t
Jump power 38.8m 100m Dash 3.6s
Jackun-to-Domamenoki is attached to Hayate before splitting the blade.
  • Motif: Ninja / Jack and the Beanstalk / Earth
  • Element: Gekido
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